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  • Miracle cure for cold

    There are numerous home remedies whose healing effects have been scientifically confirmed. Calf compresses against fever and onion bags against earache are among them, as well as chicken soup, which is effective against a cold. The latter is a true miracle cure. With the help of the 90.10.CUBE you can "refine" the soup.

  • Help with itchy skin

    Many things can trigger itching, also called pruritus. A skin fungus or an allergic reaction can be the cause. But often it is also stress or a sensitivity to cool weather. However, don't put your body to through a cortisone treatment right away and try natural remedies first. Quantum energy can amplify their effect.

  • Conscious anger management

    There is often reason to be angry. Anger is an emotion that can't and shouldn't be turned off because it serves a purpose: It shows you and others where your limits are. However, learn to control your anger and don't let it take over. Those who get angry uncontrollably often slip into a victim role, in which the negative thoughts deepen. You should consciously reject this role or distance yourself from it.

  • Power for the immune system

    Our immune system is fully challenged not only in fall and winter. All year long it is busy fending off viruses, bacteria, and germs that have gained access to our organism to more or less floor us. The 90.10.-CARDs "Tink for Men" and "Tink for Women" store a particularly strong immune booster.

  • So healthy: The pomegranate

    What is true for many other fruits and vegetables is also true for the pomegranate: The delicious fruit can still be optimized in terms of taste and content. If it is exposed to quantum energy, an optimization of its structure takes place within a few minutes, which has the mentioned effect. Already the 90.10.-CARD can be used for this purpose. Simply place the pomegranate on the plus side of the card for three minutes before eating it or using it to prepare meals.

  • Radioactivity in wild mushrooms

    According to the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS), wild mushrooms are still contaminated with radioactivity 35 years after the Chernobyl reactor accident. The reason for this is the long half-life of the radionuclide caesium 137 (30 years). In various studies conducted in 2019 and 2021 using scientific methods, it was found that quantum energy has the ability to significantly reduce radioactivity in drinking water, among other things.

  • The good thing about negative emotions

    Up isn't the only way in live, and sometimes, the roads you walk on a winding. Life is like a landscape with hills and valleys. No one wants to experience negative emotions like anger, sadness, or exhaustion. Yet they are as much a part of life as joy and happiness. The fact that they are energy thieves is only partly true. You can also grow through sadness, anger, and exhaustion if you allow them and consciously deal with them.

  • Help during menopause

    Nutrition has a great influence on the course of menopause. A Mediterranean diet with plenty of fish, red meat, cooked vegetables, and fresh fruit can prevent numerous complaints such as hot flashes and weight gain. On top of everything, it is advisable to take dietary supplements. Unfortunately, many of them are very expensive. The 90.10.-CARD Tink for Women can be an alternative.

  • Healing booster for wounds

    In the past, we were "only" able to draw on empirical values, but today we have scientific confirmation: 90.10. technology can accelerate wound healing by up to 68 percent. Corresponding findings were drawn in a study conducted in a scientifically working laboratory with cell cultures.

  • The menopause of the man

    Nutrition plays an important role for a good testosterone level. Let your food be rich in vitamins and low in fat. Your diet should include fish, red meat, and poultry, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can take nutritional supplements. If you want to save yourself from swallowing pills every day, try the 90.10.-CARD Tink for Men.

  • How to drink more water

    Even slight dehydration can impair both physical performance and the ability to concentrate. The metabolism then also ceases its optimal function. Drink eight cups of still water per day. Energized water is tastier and, therefore, easier to drink.

  • Rich through quantum energy?

    Will there be a bonanza when you put cash into a 90.10.-CUBE? An unexpected profit? A valuable discovery on the attic? An inheritance? An oil well beneath the potatoes in the backyard? By "burning" cash, first and foremost, "adhering" energies can be removed from the matter. Use affirmations with quantum energy to make wishes come true.

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