Anticipation is the most beautiful joy

A magical weapon against negative thoughts

Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Are you annoyed by another day at the home office? Is videoconferencing again just spreading hot air instead of content? Then recall one thing that you are really looking forward to.

Admittedly, at the moment it's not that easy: no vacation trips to the sea or the mountains. Your favorite band is not allowed to perform. Celebrating with friends is also out of the question. Nevertheless, you'll surely find something that will awaken your anticipation. Get creative! Build or restore something or redesign your living space. You will see that you are looking forward to the completion. The pride in what you have created will be great in the end. Don't put your feet up when your done, but use your motivation for a new task.


Anticipation gives momentum

Anticipation gives us momentum because it drives us, propels us forward, and gives us endurance. It has an energizing effect and thus helps us also through difficult times. Of course, full attention should be paid to the here and now. But when the present is nerve-racking, boring, or frustrating, the thought of the future, of a near goal, can provide fresh élan.

The anticipation lures with rewards and thus triggers positive feelings in us. In this context one also speaks of the "habit loop". At its beginning there is the power of habit. A keyword leads to a routine. At the end there is the reward. Before the Covid restrictions forced us to stay at home, we looked forward to dinner with friends at our favorite restaurant or to working out at the gym. The anticipation of a shopping spree or a city trip was our motivation for the strenuous workday. Now new things have to come in anticipation.

1.000 little reasons

Even small things can be fun. Look forward to more free time because you don't have to drive to work. Look forward to a lovingly prepared dinner, an extensive Sunday brunch, to your favorite movie with a glass of wine and chocolate, to reading a book. A video chat with friends is also something you can look forward to.

Do not forget: At some point, normality returns. Look forward to the things you will then be able to do again. Think about what you want to do, of course without a specific date. Plan your next vacation or city trip, search for places you want to visit and explore them virtually. Make a personal bucket list for the time after the crisis. Now you have the time to discover your possibilities and to look forward to them.

Increase anticipation with quantum energy

The quantum energy stored in the 90.10. products has a positive effect on consciousness. It expands or increases it, and your perception becomes stronger. This makes it easier for you to distinguish the important things in life from the less important things. The energy can help you to concentrate on your goals and plans.

Use the 90.10.-CARD. The practical, compact energy card can be carried in your trouser or shirt pocket. It can go with you wherever you go and can help to trigger your anticipation at every opportunity.
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