Baby monitors – digital or analog?

Low-radiation sleep monitoring

There's time for many things once the baby is asleep. You can, finally, take care of the household, and later on spend the evening together. Meanwhile, parents want to be sure that their baby is doing well. On the market there are many different types of baby monitors that are suitable for monitoring sleep. Unfortunately, these devices have been criticized for years as a radiation-generating risk factor.


Variants of the baby monitor

Baby monitors that work with DECT technology are considered particularly reliable. They deliver not only sound but also pictures and often transmit the room temperature. When signals required for the connection are transmitted, electromagnetic fields are generated around both the receiver and the transmitter unit. They pulsate at high frequency. So unfortunately, because the transmitting operation is permanent, the devices generate radiation continuously.

A dubious alternative are apps, which transmit what is happening in the baby's bed directly to the cell phone. Such apps require a smartphone or a webcam to be located close to the baby. Again, there is radiation. Moreover, this technology is not interference-free, but rather depends on the function of the router and the availability of WiFi.

Analog baby phones are considered to have lower radiation levels. They function similarly to walkie-talkies and, unlike digital DECT devices, are considered tap-proof. Transmissions are only made when there is noise in baby's room. The range check, which causes additional radiation due to the constant monitoring of the connection, can be turned off (or is not available) at some devices. Disadvantage is a background noise and interfering noises, which often occur.

The following applies to every version of the baby monitor: The device should be placed at a minimum distance of three feet from the baby and preferably at the foot end of the bed.

Neutralization of radiation in baby monitors

Quantum energy can neutralize the disturbing effects on the body caused by electromagnetic waves or the perception of the disturbing effects in the organism. If a 90.10.-CARD is placed under the baby monitor, a certain protection can be achieved. In addition, neutral quantum energy is made available to the baby. Because quantum energy can have a stimulating effect, the advised distance from the baby should still be maintained.

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