Conscious anger management

Don't let anger take control

There is often reason to be angry. Anger is an emotion that can't and shouldn't be turned off because it serves a purpose: It shows you and others where your limits are. However, learn to control your anger and don't let it take over.


Pure anger won't change a thing

Those who get angry uncontrollably often slip into a victim role, in which the negative thoughts deepen. You should consciously reject this role or distance yourself from it. In this way, you protect yourself from the bitterness that follows anger and blocks any positive energy. A conscious anger management makes it easier for you to distance yourself from victim thinking.

Anger is irrational. It is an emotional reaction to frustration, which quickly awakens the feeling of being a victim. Logical thinking and rational consideration are usually completely prevented by this negative emotion. The victim role feeds the anger until you seethe inside and soon vent. Without changing anything about the situation. You tread water and are so pessimistic that even interpersonal conflicts can develop. When you feel anger bubbling inside you, look at it like at a wave of water rolling toward you on the shore. Take a step back from it, as you would from the wave to avoid getting your feet wet.

Don't nag like "That's not fair. That's wrong. This should be so-and-so." By doing that, you're trying to justify your anger and setting up expectations. Expectations attached to frustration put you right into feeling like a victim. Neither a single person, nor a government, nor the world is responsible for you having positive feelings. They must come from within you. Realize what you can do and forget what you can't do. Realize what you have and don't complain about what you lack.

Instead of being angry, be grateful!

Also ask yourself whether other people are worse off than you are right now. This consideration does not prompt positive feelings, but it keeps you from wallowing in self-pity and ends the phase in which you see only yourself. This opens your view to the things in your life for which you can and should be grateful. Gratitude is an effective tool in anger management. So show gratitude for everything you have and can do. It may not be much, but it is enough.

Control anger with the help of quantum energy

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