Does 5G make everyone "highly sensitive"?

High health hazards

Electromagnetic waves are considered to be a trigger for a wide range of symptoms, starting with headaches and sleep disorders, tiredness and concentration problems, ranging to mood swings. Just a few years ago, people were considered mentally ill because they imagined themselves to be highly sensitive. At the same time, the health risks of mobile radiation were only criticized by some people who were declared nutcases. That has changed with the plans to upgrade the mobile network to 5G.


New limit values must be introduced

More than 400 medical and scientific experts have called upon politicians and the industry to fulfill their responsibility. They warned from the grave and irreversible consequences of 5G. The warning was ignored as the expansion is necessary to remain in a competitive position. The country must play a leading role in the global economy. The question remains as to who will maintain the global economy, when, with time, everybody has become sick.

Based on more than 2,000 evaluated studies, internationally leading scientists regard the current limits to be unsuitable. In their opinion, these limits are useless as the health hazards already arise far below these values. To enable the expansion of 5G, some mobile communication corporations even want to raise the limits. Makes sense! With the new technology, the previous limits are easily exceeded. It's anything but logical and utterly irresponsible to think that health should conform to the technological standards, instead of the other way around.

But what health risks are we talking about? Studies suggest that high-frequency mobile phone radiation promotes the development of cancer, as well as metabolic and reproductive dysfunctions. It heats the tissue, impacts cells, damages the DNA, or prevents its repair. As the immune system is weakened, it can't fight off any other diseases.

Quantum energy can provide protection

Quantum energy can reduce the interference effects caused by electromagnetic radiation on the organism. The function is comparable to two waves that meet and pick each other up in the process. The 5G outgoing radiation exposure will gradually increase. The Next Generation Cubes of the Forever Freedom Pack are, regarding the energy output, practically exponentially infinitely increasable. Therefore, the available energy can be increased step by step and energize various everyday objects for personal use.


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