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Don't eat "dead" apples!

Vitamins for the immune system

The best protection against illness is a strong immune system. Our body needs various vitamins and minerals to properly arm the body's defenses. Normally, we absorb these through food, but unfortunately, today's food has very few vitamins and minerals.


Prevention and defense

Our body has a grandiose ability. It can heal itself. You don't always need to take pills. But the body also prevents. The immune system denies viruses and bacteria access - provided it is strong enough. To help the immune system do its job, we should allow ourselves enough sleep, stay away from stress, take regular exercise outdoor, and make sure our food is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C is very important for our immune system. At the first signs of a cold, taking it can shorten the duration of the illness. However, prevention is better than aftercare. Foods with a high vitamin C content should therefore always be on the menu. Especially citrus fruits, kiwis, and apples are suppliers. But vegetables such as peppers, cabbage, and spinach are also rich in vitamin C.

Vitamin D not only supports our defense cells but is also important for mental health. Unfortunately, almost everyone has a vitamin D deficiency. Although the sun vitamin is produced by the body itself when the sun warms our skin, it is not stored in sufficient quantities. Foods such as salmon, eggs, and mushrooms contain particularly large amounts of that vitamin.

The trace element zinc is probably the most important mineral for our body's own defense mechanism. It helps the antibodies to find attackers quickly and eliminate them effectively. It also increases the number of defense cells in the organism. Because the body does not store a significant amount of zinc, a continuous supply is essential. The trace element is found especially in meat, fish, and dairy products, but also in pulses and nuts.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency in food

A good night's sleep, little stress, lots of exercise, fresh air - we can provide for all that. Tricky it becomes with the balanced nutrition. In the supermarket we buy all the food we think contains vitamins and nutrients ... and then learn from studies that the proportion of essential substances is only a fraction of the original concentration. Industrial food production is mainly to blame. Fruit and vegetables must meet industry standards in terms of shape, weight, and appearance. The products have to taste good, but the producers don't care about their nutritional values.

How do apples actually taste?

This problem is particularly evident in the case of apples. In the supermarket, you'll find beautiful red and yellow apples. When you take a bite, they taste sweet and delicious, but not natural. Does anyone today still know what apples really taste like?

Grown in a large plantation that is geared towards maximizing profits, only those fruits that meet the standards make it into the stores. But before that, they are stored for up to twelve months at low oxygen and low temperature. This ensures that we can buy apples at any time. During this time, the fruits lose almost all their vitamins.

A study has shown that a Gala apple freshly picked from the tree has around 2.7 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams. An apple of the same variety stored for twelve months was also examined. The result is as sad as it is frightening. The vitamin C content of this apple was below the detection limit of one milligram. It may taste sweet and juicy, but this apple certainly does not strengthen the immune system.

Practically all industrially produced foods are affected, from fruit and vegetables to cereals, meat, and fish. They may taste good - somehow, but they do not provide our body with enough vitamins and minerals for our immune system.

Organic products, farmers, and quantum energy can change the situation

For the consumer this results in a real dilemma. Who can grow fruit and vegetables in the garden, keep chickens or even cows? One solution is organic products, which are also produced in large quantities, but whose vitamin and mineral content is higher than the content of the regular supermarket products.

Anyone who can obtain fresh food directly from the farmer is lucky. Regional products fresh from the fields are becoming increasingly popular and have the highest content of vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, the number of farm stores continues to increase.

Last but not least, quantum energy helps. It helps to structure the matter of objects, including food. A vitalization takes place. The "dead apple" is given life again. For this purpose, you should enrich your food with quantum energy right before eating or preparing it. The 90.10.-CUBE is especially effective, because with its help you can burn all storage containers permanently with quantum energy. Afterwards they pass the energy on to the food.