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Go jogging, live longer!

Off the couch, into the running shoes

Too warm, too cold, too late, too early, too wet ... There is always a reason to stay on the couch with your weaker self. Those who defeat it, find in running an effective health and fitness training. Not only does regular jogging increase the body's fitness level, it also gives serenity and strengthens the immune system. Because the sport stimulates certain physical processes, it also has a positive effect on life expectancy.


Health benefits

  1. Bone development is stimulated as the bones adapt to the exercise. Osteoporosis can be prevented.
  2. The heart muscles are strengthened, because the pulse increases, and the heart has to beat faster and stronger to compensate. The risk of high blood pressure is reduced.
  3. The cholesterol level decreases because the number of so-called "good" cholesterol carriers increases during moderate running. This reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  4. The circulation gets going because the heartbeat becomes faster, and the breathing rate increases to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen.

Know what you're doing!

  1. Beginners should give the body enough time to get used to the new exercise. Twice a week is enough for the beginning. You should also not run at full power right away, but gradually increase your speed.
  2. Run on soft ground (forest floor or field path) to protect your joints and bones. If you live downtown, cycle to the nearest park or urban forest.
  3. Take breaks when your body calls for them. Signs include shortness of breath, tension pain, and dizziness.
  4. Sore muscles should be completely gone before the next jog. Reduce the risk of muscle soreness by strengthening your muscles with a little home training.
  5. Wear the right running shoes to reduce the risk of injury. The shoe should cushion your footfall well and give your foot the optimal support.

The power capsule as your companion

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