Healing booster for wounds

Scientifically proven faster wound healing

Wound healing is a complex process that always takes place in the same phases. In addition to the size and severity of the wound, the tissue structure as well as the quality of blood circulation and metabolism influence the duration. One could say that it takes as long as it takes, if there weren't ways to speed up wound healing.


Initial care of the wound

Proper care of a fresh wound already has a positive effect on the healing process. As soon as the blood flow stops and the wound begins to close, it can be cleaned with water and disinfected.

A plaster or bandage develops a slightly moist and warm climate that is optimal for wound healing. It helps flush bacteria from the wound and promotes cell growth.  Of course, such a covering also protects against germs and renewed damage, e.g. through rubbing. However, the plaster or bandage must be changed daily and the wound needs to be cleaned gently.

A initial treatment done by oneself is only advisable for small wounds. If the wound bleeds heavily, is deep or extensive, a doctor should be consulted. If swelling develops or the wound causes pain in the next few days, it is also time to see a doctor!

Wound healing boost with 90.10. technology

In the past, we were "only" able to draw on empirical values, but today we have scientific confirmation: 90.10. technology can accelerate wound healing by up to 68 percent. Corresponding findings were drawn in a study conducted in a scientifically working laboratory with cell cultures.

The Forever Freedom Pack can support wound healing in an impressive way. Its Next Generation Cubes lift each other to a higher and higher energy level. The respective Cube transfers this high energy to the matter lying in its energy field. If plasters and bandages are placed between the two levels of a Next Generation Cube, they are enriched with energy. Later, they transfer this energy to the wound they cover. The wound itself can also be energized by bringing the affected body part into the energy field. In addition, various home remedies that help heal wounds can be enriched with quantum energy. Their valuable ingredients are thereby optimized in structure and can act even better or faster.

Home remedies to support wound healing

Iodine is used for disinfection, tea tree oil has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. Chamomile tea is also beneficial. Here, the over-brewed tea bag can be placed directly on the wound. Arnica balm has a pain-relieving effect and prevents swelling. Calendula balm stimulates the development of a moist climate. Aloe vera as a gel or cream is also a proven remedy, as it cools and binds moisture.

In recent years, Manuka honey, which comes from New Zealand, has become known as a remedy for wound healing. Its ingredients prevent the formation of germs and fight pathogens. In the pharmacy you can get it as "Medihoney" in various concentrations.