Help with itchy skin

Proven home remedies

Many things can trigger itching, also called pruritus. A skin fungus or an allergic reaction can be the cause. But often it is also stress or a sensitivity to cool weather or the constant change from cold to warm when you come indoors from outside.


Do not use cortisone straight away

The urge to scratch the affected areas is experienced by as very stressful. Not only does it cause skeptical looks from other people, but it also affects the quality of sleep. Some people are so bothered by the itching that they injure the skin and weeping, purulent pustules form. Even if there is no disease-related cause such as a fungus, some doctors simply prescribe a cortisone preparation. However, you should only put your body through this in absolute emergencies and try natural remedies first.

Natural alternatives to cortisone

Olive oil and coconut oil provide the moisture your skin needs. You may apply the respective oil generously and let it take effect. Vegetarian or vegan butter alternatives have a similar effect.

In the kitchen cupboard you will find another proven home remedy for itchy skin: oatmeal. If finely ground oats are added to the bath water, which is not too hot, they provide the skin with anti-inflammatory substances and put a protective layer on it. If you don't have oatmeal in the house, you can add baking soda to the bath water. It soothes the skin and helps reduce inflammation by balancing the pH.

Aloe vera gel not only helps with sunburn but can also be applied to itchy skin due to its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

Real skin friends are omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in avocado, nuts, and salmon. They nourish your skin from the inside and should therefore be part of your healthy nutrition plan when you have itchy skin.

The fact that the skin itches more in the cooler months is often also due to a vitamin D deficiency. The body hardly produces it anymore, because the sunlight that stimulates this process is missing. If you have a vitamin D deficiency, you can compensate for it with a vitamin supplement.

The most effective remedy for itchy skin comes from the tap. You should drink at least two liters (8 oz) of water a day to keep your body and thus your skin well hydrated.

Refining home remedies for even more effect

Quantum energy optimizes the structure of matter, that of water as well as that of oils, plants, or fruits. Even the inexpensive 90.10.-Card can do great things.Simply place the home remedy of your choice on the card a few minutes before use, so that its energy can transfer into the matter and enhance the individual effect of the home remedy.

In addition, you can carry the card with you, for example in your pocket, and supply your body with the energy in a direct way. Use it also in combination with one of our 90.10.-CARDs PLUS. It is informed with a special frequency of natural remedies for the relief of skin problems.

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