How to drink more water

Liquid energy for your organism

Our body consists of approximately 75 percent water. The brain's share is even bigger: 90 percent; muscles consist of 75 percent water. Even slight dehydration can impair both physical performance and the ability to concentrate. The metabolism then also ceases its optimal function. Everywhere and anywhere you go, you consequently hear and read the following advice: Drink lots of water! Eight cups (240 ml/glass) a day are perfect. In summer or when doing sports, it should be a little more due to the increased sweating.

But drinking water isn't such an easy task for everyone. Some people simply forget to drink it, others find it a challenge as they quite frankly don't like the taste of it.


General tips

Ideally, you should drink a glass of water immediately after getting up in the morning to compensate for the loss of fluids overnight. Another glass of water is recommended before each of the three main meals. That way, you'll achieve a certain feeling of satiety, which is also great for building a slim figure. By following this plan, you've already reached half of the recommended amount. Just drink more water from time to time. Did you miss the benchmark and try to make up for it by emptying an entire bottle in the evening? That's no good as the extra water is leaving your body on the quickest route out.

The water shouldn't be too cold. As much as you may crave a refreshment, remember that you overstrain your body with chilled water from the fridge as it must firstly compensate for the difference between the body temperature and the temperature of the water.

Drinking too much is just as unhealthy as allowing the development of a deficit. When providing your body with too much fluid, you overwork your kidneys and heart.

Tips to help you drink enough water

Energize your water

By adding energy to your drinking water, you revive it and increase its vitality. It feels softer, receives a silky taste, and is, therefore, more comfortable to drink. Moreover, energized water is better available for your cells, i.e., it can be better stored in your body. You can energize water with any of the 90.10. products, even with the inexpensive 90.10.-CARD

Use a water filter 

Research has shown that tap water is the healthiest water you can drink, as it usually contains more minerals than the mineral water that can be bought in the stores. However, it's often also calcareous, which slightly affects its taste. Water that has passed through a filter system tastes better.

Refill the glass immediately

As soon as you have emptied a glass, immediately fill it with water again and have it standing at your desk or workplace. That way, you will always be reminded to drink. Post-its on the screen or table are also helpful in this respect.

Keep a water diary

To get an overview of the liquid you have drunk at the end of the day, you can take notes. A piece of paper or a notebook does the job. However, there are also apps to download onto your smartphone.

Give your water a flavor kick

Avoid soft drinks and sugary fruit juices. They don't replace water. However, there's nothing wrong with adding a little extra taste to the water. You can achieve this with slices of lemon, orange, lime, or cucumber. Alternatively, you can prepare herbal teas with, for example, mint, basil, or rosemary.

Don't underestimate them little fruits

You can also optimize the fluid balance of your organism by enjoying fruits and vegetables containing water. Melons, pineapples, strawberries, tomatoes, and cucumbers are just a selection.


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