Inspired by Nikola Tesla

Protection against the interference effects of electromagnetic radiation

More than 700 patents are attributed to Nikola Tesla. They make him one of the most influential inventors of the 20th century. Especially his invention of alternating current is spectacular, even though Thomas Edison credited the idea to himself. Edison hired Tesla and promised him a bonus of 50,000 dollars but never paid him this bonus later on. This was a lesson for Tesla. From then on, he left out important information or details from many of the patents he applied for to protect them from reproduction.


Cosmic energy for everyone

Another visionary idea of Tesla influences our lives to this day: The use of free or cosmic energy, of whose inexhaustibility the inventor was convinced of. Tesla explored the earth's atmosphere and came to the conclusion that not only sun rays but also cosmic rays touch the earth's surface and thus have a decisive influence on our life.

This inspired him immensely and made him think in larger dimensions. He thought every human to be able to use this energy for himself. So, he searched for a way to "capture" this radiation consisting of electrically charged particles to create energy sources. Allegedly, Nikola Tesla already developed a plate back then, in which this cosmic energy, which is also called life energy, Prana, or Chi, was stored. Whoever had the plate with him transferred the energy directly into his own energy field. In Tesla's opinion, this was a possibility to bring body, mind, and soul into harmony and support the self-healing powers of the body.

Much headwind

Nikola Tesla did not make many friends with this idea. Many scientific colleagues rejected it as a utopia. An icy wind also blew from the political and economic corner – a scenario that revolutionary or merely alternatively thinking scientists and researchers still experience today. But no matter how much criticism Tesla's theory received, not a single scientist has been able to refute it.

But some people believed in Nikola Tesla and his vision. One of them was Ralph Bergstresser. After Tesla's death, he occupied himself for almost three decades researching the influence of certain frequency currents onto materials. He realized that an intense low-frequency flux combined with aluminum works as an antenna and cosmic energy transmitter. According to his findings, a Tachyon field is thereby created, which promotes the regeneration of cells and stimulates spiritual growth. He colored the first energy plate, which he later developed, purple as purple is considered a healing color, and named it after the man to whom he owed much of his knowledge: Tesla.

The frequency of 90.10.

90.10. introduced the "Nikola Tesla" frequency for protection against the interfering effects of electromagnetic radiation on the organism. The frequency is available separately, stored in a 90.10.-CARD Plus. The usage of the card is very simple. Simply wear it on the body, e.g. in your pocket.


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