Is it self-love or is it egoism?

Know the difference!

Self-love is a basic requirement for a fulfilled life. On the one hand, we need it to be at peace with ourselves. On the other hand, it helps us to behave empathetically and responsibly towards our fellow human beings. It actually cannot be confused with egoism. There are worlds in between.


This is self-love

Self-love is exclusively about you and the question of whether or in what way you love yourself. You love yourself when you respect yourself, recognize your needs and fulfill them. You love yourself well when you fulfill your needs in an intelligent way that is considerate of those around you.

The biggest barrier on the way to self-love is the recognition of our own needs. This is followed by the courage to fulfill them. Everyone is responsible for this themselves. The words yes and no help with it. You feel like going out? Then head out. You don't feel like going to your aunt's birthday party? Then stay at home. When you say "no," attach a friendly explanation that the other person understands and can accept.

A "no" is not appropriate if you have previously committed to something, that is, if you have already said "yes" to something. Therefore, always think about what you want in advance. In any case, every conscious "yes" and every conscious "no" leads to self-love. This in turn enables you to love others. As mentioned at the beginning, this makes it the basic prerequisite for a fulfilled life.

This is egoism

In contrast to self-love, external influences play a role in egoism. When you act out of a sense of duty, you do not do it unconditionally. You expect gratitude, love, prestige, money, or something else in return. With this expectation, you are egoistic. Egoism is closely related to our expectations of others.

This is especially true when we can actually help ourselves, but do not want to and leave it to someone else. The egoist acts ruthlessly and is usually only concerned with his own advantage. He has no compassion, neither for himself nor for others. He does not take responsibility for his actions and does not pay attention to his environment. In contrast, people who love themselves care as much about the well-being of others as they do about their own. They treat people around them with responsibility, consideration, and respect.

Quantum energy raises consciousness

The seemingly fine line between self-love and egoism is a challenge for many people. Out of fear of being seen as an egoist, one's own needs are not brought up as an issue. Often, they are not even known, because there is a lack of mindfulness towards oneself and the needs are not noticed.

Quantum energy developed by 90.10. can be of great help here. Since it brings consciousness to a higher level, it has a positive influence on perception and supports mindfulness. Already the inexpensive 90.10.-CARD is suitable for it. It is simply carried in the trouser pocket on the body and transfers the energy to the organism.

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