Isn't life beautiful?

It's all about your attitude

Life is beautiful. What do you think when you read this sentence? Do you agree wholeheartedly? Do you agree in principle, but attach a "but" to it? Or do you find life anything but beautiful because you can think of a hundred things that lower its quality? What do you remember when you look back on the month or year? Prohibitions of contact and lockdowns, terrorist attacks, loss of money, illness, stress and conflicts, constant rain and natural disasters, boring or cancelled vacations?


Evolutionary imprints

In fact, much more good than bad happens in life. It is full of beauty, but we have forgotten how to consciously perceive the beautiful and special. We take these things for granted because our brain has become accustomed to them. It likes to get used to good things very quickly and puts them into the background. On the other hand, it brings negative things into the foreground and concentrates more intensively on them. In principle, this behavior is a protective automatism that goes back to our beginnings. Day after day, it was a matter of bare survival. To die at work or on the hunt was normality, just like dying of diseases, being hunted and eaten, starving in periods of drought or cold. In short, our brain has not yet changed and, by perceiving negative things, suggests to us that there is no longer a real danger of death.

Spectacularly negative

That we perceive the little bad things in the mass of good things so clearly is also due to our way of communicating. Hour after hour, the media bellow out the currently greatest catastrophe through headlines that hearken for clicks. On a small scale it is no different. What do you learn when you talk to neighbors, work colleagues, and friends? Do you hear about good events or about bad, unjust, unheard-of events and conditions? And how do you communicate yourself? Do you first tell about the nice extended Sunday breakfast or about the guy who brazenly took away your right of way?

No time to see good things

Another reason why we overlook the many good things in life is our fast pace of life. Many, many things happen in a very short time. When stressed, we take as much with us as we can and do many things in parallel. While we eat, we read the news on the phone. While we watch a movie, we text with friends about problems. While we get a massage, we write our shopping list in our minds. We have forgotten how to live in the moment. So how are we supposed to remember the delicious food, the great movie, or the relaxing massage? None of these things we have really experienced and enjoyed.

Grumbling makes you ill

The grumbling and bitching, the moaning and stress does not pass us by without leaving a trace. It penetrates deep into our psyche and leaves a print there. Negative thoughts make us ill, from the inside out. From the psyche they creep to the organs and besiege them. So, everyone should interrupt the process of negative thinking for himself.

First of all, become aware of the good in life again and then consistently direct your gaze towards it. You will find that already after a few days of seeing the good, you will feel much better, more vital, and more motivated.

You will not only find the good in supposedly small events like Sunday breakfast or a massage, but also in yourself. Become aware of every success, new knowledge, and interesting encounters. Perceive your positive inner and optical characteristics. Praise yourself now and then and make yourself compliments instead of waiting for praise and compliments from others. But be also attentive to the good qualities of your fellow men and let them know what you like and appreciate in them. You will see that this comes back to you and lifts your emotional world a bit more.

Support through the 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY

To recognize and see the good is a question of perception and consciousness. These two things are in turn closely linked to the personal mental state of development and the ability of individual control. Unfortunately, our life demands a huge amount of energy from us, so that there is no energy left for consciousness exercises and a necessary increase in consciousness.

The power capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY stores pure, neutral quantum energy. It was developed for support in everyday life. Simply carry it with you on your body, e.g. in your trouser pocket. As long as it is with you, it supplies your organism with energy and helps you to increase your consciousness and sharpen your perception.
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