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Let your intuition decide

Energy for your sixt sense

Intuition is the ability to recognize connections and facts without communicating with the consciousness. Only the subconscious is needed here. Intuition is also called gut feeling, instinct or sixth sense. It develops from the experiences we make in the course of our lives with the help of our regular five senses and stores them in our memory.


Rationality vs. intuition

The older we get the more rational decisions are expected from us. We are supposed to listen to our reason. Intuition is neglected and slumbers away. The consequences are wrong decisions and indecision. Many no longer see what is good and right for them personally. They do not separate themselves from people who hinder their development. They do not dare to change jobs because the habit gives them a feeling of security. If intuition were awake, it would give the needed courage and help to achieve goals in life.

Fortunately, intuition can be awakened again. To do this, you have to put reason in its place and open up your inner ears. With the following exercises you will open yourself again for your intuition and learn to trust it.

Train your mindfulness

Sit upright, close your eyes, and feel where your body is. Breathe in and out consciously and feel your breath as it lifts and flattens your chest and belly. Then concentrate on your physical sensations. Are you warm? Does something hurt? Are you relaxed or tense? Next, it's time for the feelings: Are you scared, or do you feel joy? Are you angry or excited? Are you sad or happy? Do not judge, though, only determine the condition.

Watch your feelings

Be aware of your feelings at least three times a day. Listen inside yourself for a moment and name the feelings that are in you. Observe your feelings especially in situations where they take you by surprise (or right afterwards). Quarrel with a colleague? Traffic jam on the highway? Message from a friend? Disappointment about your partner? Become aware of exactly how you feel in these situations.

Admit negative feelings to yourself

In addition to the feelings that show up in certain situations, there are feelings that are constant but unwanted guests. Confront and name them: Is it shame or arrogance, jealousy or resentment, loneliness or hopelessness? Also be aware of the factors that trigger these feelings.

Open your eyes

This requires a little more concentration: Pay attention to things that you usually overlook because they have no meaning for you. Observe your fellow men, their facial expressions, their gestures, their reaction to you. Look at their clothes. Listen to their conversations. Find out where there are many people and where there are few. If you consciously experience every moment and perceive details, connections will open up to you.

Act unreasonably

Act contrary to your habit or contrary to the expectations of your fellow men and do what you feel like. You do not want to discuss? Get up and go. You don't want to chat with your colleague because then you can't do your job? Tell her that in a friendly way. You are bored at your aunt's birthday party? Don't go. After that you won't feel bad, but more confident and stronger. A bit more each time you do what you feel like.

Sleep on important decisions

During sleep, the brain evaluates the experiences of the day. This evaluation is done by sorting them into two categories: What is important? What is unimportant? The next morning, you will assess the experiences of the past day from your subconscious as important or unimportant and will act intuitively.

Listen to your heart and live by it

Your heart is connected to your intuition. Your brain is not. So, when you have to make a decision, turn to your heart and not to your brain. Do not ask: "Is it right to do this," but: "Do I want to do this?" The answer may not come loud and clear, but it does come. Act accordingly.

Support your intuition with quantum energy

Quantum energy has a direct effect on consciousness and perception. It can open up other perspectives for you. Wear the power capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY on your body while training your intuition. The strong energy that it stores allows you to progress faster.