Minimize EMF at home

Sources of radiation

We are permanently surrounded by electro smog. Even at home there are numerous sources of radiation. The knowledge about the origin helps you to reduce the EMF at home.


Different types and ranges

There are three different types of radiation: Electric fields are caused, for example, by power lines, even if no current flows in them. Their range is almost not measurable. Magnetic alternating fields are created as soon as an energy flows through lines. They have a short range. Electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric and magnetic fields that merge. Because it has a wide range, electromagnetic fields are used for data transmission.

Known and unknown sources

All wireless devices such as printers, baby monitors, DECT and cell phones, computers and tablets use electromagnetic radiation. Smart TVs and Internet radios connected to the Internet via WLAN are also based on the technology. These things can be easily identified as sources of electromagnetic radiation. However, there are a variety of devices in the home that cause harmful radiation. Energy-saving light bulbs, for example, emit weak radiation on their own, but in quantity their radiation is quite strong. Unsuspected sources of radiation can also be found near fuse boxes. Here, many cables run together and thus cause electro smog. Other stronger electromagnetic fields are caused by large appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers.

Reduce EMF

All devices that are currently not in use should have their reception switched off. This can be done quickly in the settings of computers, tablets, and smart TVs, for example. Printers and stationary phones can usually be connected the old-fashioned way with a cable. Many keep the Wi-Fi permanently activated even when it is not needed. Almost all devices have the option of an individual time switch. Especially at night, the Wi-Fi should be turned off - it's not needed there anyway.

In general, electrical devices should not be used in the bedroom. TVs, radios, smartphones, and tablets are only a disturbance in a room intended for quiet. An old-fashioned alarm clock with a battery wakes you up just as reliably as a cell phone and is also decorative. No electrical devices should be placed in children's rooms because the organism of adolescents reacts particularly sensitively to electromagnetic radiation.

A doubly practical step is to replace old extension cords and multiple sockets. Modern distribution boxes with on-off switches not only save electricity and thus money, but also have a much lower radiation than old models.

In the living room, do not use lighting systems with wire cords, as they generate a lot of current and release a corresponding amount of radiation. Light dimmers also generate a lot of unnecessary radiation and should not be used. Technical devices should be placed as far away as possible from seating areas such as the sofa and dining table. Ideally, the distance to the TV should be at least two meters/six feet.

The 90.10.-CUBE as additional protection

Our 90.10.-CUBE provides a particularly large amount of quantum energy. With it you can not only energize everyday objects permanently, it can also protect you and your loved ones from domestic electro smog.  Thanks to its very large torus, it also influences its immediate surroundings. Placed in the center of the room, it acts as a room climate harmonizer and protects the organism of all residents from the disturbing effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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