More endurance in your favorite sport

Alternatives to the classics sports

Endurance sports optimally and gently stimulate the cardiovascular system. Strength and mobility are likewise improved. The classic endurance sports are running, cycling, and swimming. With those sports, almost everybody can see improvements after only four to six weeks of regular training concerning their physical fitness. Many pick their favorite endurance sport from these three; some train all of them for a triathlon.

Of course, there are other endurance sports besides running, cycling, and swimming. Maybe there's a sport for you among these alternatives that will help you improve your endurance or ignite it with a fun spark.



For this sport, it's best to be a member of a rowing club and/or buy a rowing machine if you have sufficient space in your home. Rowing trains the entire body.

Inline Skating

Inline skating mainly employs the muscles in the legs and buttocks. Furthermore, it improves mobility and coordination. Due to the cushioning effect of the rolls, inline skating is a sport that is particularly gentle to the joints.


This is neither a simple walk nor a one-hour activity. Active hiking is a joyful activity lasting several hours or even days, during which the body is challenged while the soul unwinds.


Who would have thought that boxing also is as an endurance sport? Both classic boxing and Thai or kickboxing demand strength, speed, and coordination. All muscle groups are exercised.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is not only about stamina. The combination of different steps also demands a great deal of coordination. During the workout, which primarily trains the leg and buttock muscles, you also burn a whole bunch of calories.

Nordic walking

Whoever practices this sport correctly, and thus moves not only quickly but also vigorously puts the sticks to use as intended, can benefit fully from this sport. This endurance sport is possible both on flat trails and in the mountains.

Quantum energy can improve endurance

While a beginner often has to overcome his inner couch potato and quickly succeeds in motivating himself, athletes who train regularly long to see a continuous increase in performance. Often, however, that just seems impossible. Experience has shown that an energy boost, such as the one yielded to the body via the 90.10. technology products can support endurance. Many hobby and competitive athletes thus carry the power capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY with them during training.

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