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Neutralization of pollutants in drinking water

My water without radioactivity, please

Several studies for radiation protection have shown that drinking water can be radioactively contaminated. Depending on the geology of the ground, drinking water can also contain an increased level of radioactive substances. These are both natural and artificial radioactive substances. The latter gets into the environment through uncontrolled releases. The problem, however, is that the radioactive material, Caesium-137 has a very long half-life period.


The thing about the half-life period

For those who are not familiar with the subject, a brief explanation: Caesium-137 has a half-life period of 30 years. If water is tested and displays a radiation of 30 Becquerel from Caesium-137, it will have a radiation of 15 Becquerel after 30 years. The value was hence reduced by half in that time. That is what the half-life period means. After another 30 years, these 15 Becquerel have halved to 7.5 Becquerel.

This value corresponds approximately to the background radiation that continually exists. If one measured the radiation again after another 30 years, not much would have changed, as the value usually doesn't sink below the level of background radiation.

Caesium-137 set to zero

90.10. has carried out tests which have come to a different conclusion. For these tests, we were professionally equipped by a specialist with various technological equipment and test materials such as Caesium-137. Food, water, and also seeds were tested and levels of approximately 50 Becquerel or a "normal" contamination was determined. After some time in the 90.10.-CUBE some of this foodstuff, including water, had a radiation level of zero. Their value was, thus, below the value of the background radiation, which is, from a physical point of view, impossible.

If you're interested, you can watch the reports and the tests in detail in the video section of our website.

You can energize your drinking water with various 90.10. products. Many use the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE and simply place it in or next to the glass or bottle for a few minutes before drinking the water from it. The longer the capsule remains there, the more intensive the energization. Most can notice a difference in taste within a short period.