No more sore muscles

Possibilities of prevention

Sore muscles are caused by too much strain or unusual movements. Micro injuries of the muscle are considered to be the cause. Especially people who only exercise irregularly or start a new sport are therefore affected. If trained and professional athletes use new techniques or demand too much from themselves, they may also suffer from sore muscles, but the longer and more carefully one does sport, the less frequent or severe is the occurrence of sore muscles. This is the most effective way to prevent these tiny injuries.

It takes 24 to 48 hours before you feel the sore muscles. Since physical performance is weakened by the pain, you should take a two to three days break from sports.


Prevention with massages and nutrition

Warming up and stretching before sports warms up the muscles and reduces the risk of tendon or ligament injuries. Massages are particularly effective because they promote blood circulation, maintain the vessels and stimulate the formation of mitochondria in the muscle cells. Mitochondria produce energy, and the more mitochondria are involved, the more energy is available for protection and repair. The cool-down after exercise is also important.

An alternative to a stimulating massage is omega-3 oil. Studies at American universities have shown that this dietary supplement can reduce muscle soreness by about 40 percent. Omega-3 oils are also found in foods, especially in fish and avocado, cooking oils, nuts, and spinach.

Fruits that can inhibit muscle soreness are blueberries and cherries because of the antioxidants they store. Whole grain products should also be on the menu, because their ingredients strengthen the glycogen depot in the muscles. Glycogen is needed for muscle contraction.

Quantum energy against sore muscles

Users of the 90.10. products have told us that they prevent sore muscles with quantum energy. For this purpose, amateur and professional athletes bring the 90.10.-CARD close to the body parts that are affected during sports. During tennis or squash, for example, where lunges can cause problems, one card can be inserted into each sock.

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