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Pets prevent stress

Just cuddle the stress away

Anyone who owns a pet knows the pleasant feeling ebbing into the body when a furry friend starts its individual and unconditional welcoming ritual as soon as the front door opens. The supposed values of society couldn't be of any less interest to your dog or cat. That feeling has exceptionally positive effects on you, even if you don't realize it. As a matter of fact, few pet owners are really aware of the mental and physical impact the company of their four-legged friend has on them.


Time to relax

No matter what problem has just occupied or even burdened your mind, your always cheerful furry roommate will change your thoughts in no time. Cuddling, feeding, playing, or an extended walk are now on the agenda. This way, the problems or bothersome daily routines are forgotten for the time being. Inevitably, you switch into your relaxation mode and unwind.

Various studies have investigated the effects that pets have on their human owners. The studies showed amazing results:

Especially dogs and cats help in reducing stress and lower tension. Pet owners have a lower blood pressure in stressful situations. Serotonin and dopamine levels increase when playing or cuddling. Both are neurotransmitters or so-called "happiness hormones." Cortisol, on the other hand, which is produced as a hormone in the body to prepare for stressful situations, decreases. 

Moreover, triglyceride and cholesterol values are lower in the organisms of animal owners compared to people without pets. Both fats increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases, like heart attacks, when their levels are elevated.

Also, pet owners suffer less from depression, are more positive, optimistic, and active. More activity, better self-confidence, and friendlier social behavior were also observed with children who grew up with animals.

Inner balance

One of the reasons for these effects is believed to be the fulfillment of a basic human need: The need for tender touch and contact. Pets also enable what alternative and complementary medicine and psychologists have long preached to be the optimal state: the harmony of body, mind, and soul. Inner balance is the best prerequisite for low susceptibility to stress and, thus, also for good health. Nothing is as harmful to your health as stress.

A pet isn't a good match for everyone

Of course, the following also applies to your relationship with the animal: What you take is what you should give or be able to give. If you're simply not enthusiastic about a dog or a cat or if an animal just cannot find a proper place in your life, you shouldn't adopt a pet just to improve your health. That would be more than unfair and wouldn't work out as your furry four-legged friend would be unhappy and unable to give you anything.

Quantum energy for animals

Every organic system benefits from quantum energy, including, of course, the animal organism. Thank your pet for all the good it does you by giving it extra energy. In this respect, we have received positive feedback from dog and cat owners, but also from owners of horses (for example, regarding the mitigation of diseases). To energetically care for your animal, you can already use the inexpensive 90.10.-CARD. Put your pet's food on it or place it under the sleeping place of your pet.