Protection against the corona virus

Download frequencies for a strong immune system

More and more physicians, orthodox as well as alternative physicians, are addressing the public and also the government with urgent appeals, drawing attention to the fact that wearing masks for protection against CoViD-19 makes as little sense as a lockdown. Instead, they advise a consistent strengthening of the immune system.


So-called fake news

The fatal nature of a weak or unbalanced immune system reveals by the fact that especially elderly people, people with previous illnesses, and people whose immune system has been weakened by medication die of CoViD-19 or have to struggle with consequential damage.

Unfortunately, the government and so-called quality media are refraining from pointing out the power of the immune system. Even worse: the results of studies that have been conducted on the prevention and treatment of this virus with vitamins are presented as fake news.

An alternative practitioner that we know for quite some time now, René Gräber, shares the opinion that a strong immune system is able to counteract every germ, bacterium, and virus. In a recently published book, he presents various means by which he keeps his immune system fit and prevents diseases like CoViD-19.

Get help from nature

In most of the people who died of (or with) CoViD-19, vitamin D levels were found to be significantly too low. Not only older humans or humans weakened by pre-existing conditions have too little vitamin D in their bodies. It concerns approximately 80 per cent of the population. Since sunlight boosts the body's own production, a dietary supplement is necessary, especially in the dark season. René Gräber recommends a daily intake of at least 3,000 IE Vitamin D, better are 5,000 IE. Combined with K2 it unfolds its full effect.

In China and New York many CoViD-19 patients were successfully treated with vitamin C. As soon as these reports reached public, they were already called fake news. Still, the vitamin is known as an all-rounder for fighting all viral infections. However, since our body stores it very poorly, a portioned intake is advisable. The recommended 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day should therefore be taken in 250 milligram doses every three hours. Bicarbonate helps to neutralize the acidity of the vitamin.

Hildegard von Bingen already knew about the healing power of mugwort. It is also known in traditional Chinese medicine. In Madagascar, Artemisia mugwort is used to make a kind of herbal tea which, according to local experience, helps with CoViD-19 diseases. René Gräber recommends taking it as a preventative measure, but to make sure the mugwort (Artemisia anua) is grown without genetic engineering and is of organic quality.

When flu symptoms accur

Representatives from nature can also be relied upon in the treatment of flu-typical symptoms. Ginger is no longer a secret recipe. However, it should not be taken in dried form or as a pill, nor should the viruses be amused with hot ginger water. René Gräber recommends juicing a fresh ginger root. 3 to 4 fl oz of the extracted juice are mixed with 6 fl oz of still water, the juice of a lime quarter and one tablespoon of organic honey. Manuka honey is expensive, but the most effective. If you can tolerate the spiciness well, you can also add an eighth of a teaspoon of cayenne. The antiviral, expectorant, and antipyretic solution is taken in up to six cups per day.

The Chinese call the Reishi "Divine mushroom of immortality". Taken over a long period of time, it is said to prevent various diseases and prolong life by several years. The tripeptins contained in it have a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. A concentrated extract can be used for the ingestion.

Frequencies vs. pills

The longer we and the 90.10. community use quantum technology, the more it lets us learn. One of the first things we understood was that informing the body with frequencies has the same effect as the physical supply of the appropriate food supplements, i.e. taking them. In our store we offer different frequencies which can be combined with our quantum energy. Whether the spring water frequency, the vacation frequency, or the Tesla frequency - all serve a specific purpose and allow convenient use because they are saved on cards.

You could also buy all the mentioned food supplements and produce quantum frequency foils in the known procedure.

Download frequencies – they're free!

But, and this is a more recent finding, you can get it faster and free of charge: any frequency can be downloaded from quantum space. Initially we refused to accept this possibility, but in the meantime, we have admitted to ourselves that it works excellently.

You can practically tap every conceivable frequency to use it in a power capsule, a 90.10.-Cube, or the Forever Freedom Pack. To do this, note the link to the website where it is available and place it in the cube along with a piece of aluminum foil. The frequency is then burned directly into the foil. Our experiments have shown that it makes no difference whether you use a medicinal plant or a food supplement or just its address in the "universe" (quantum space). After the download we recommend saying thank you.

Just try it out and make your own experiences. But use the downloaded frequencies only for yourself or privately. If you want to make a business out of it, you will not only turn out to be a rather indecent fellow, but will be punished by the universe - our experiences have shown this as well - usually quite quickly.