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Tested and approved by sommeliers

We have often been asked whether it is possible to refine wine using quantum energy. And yes, this process does exist, but it should not be confused with the professional refining of wine.


Professional refining

The wine refinement carried out by the winegrower is also called grafting. Here, a plant part (grafting rice) is transplanted onto the root part of another plant (rootstock). The process is comparable to cloning, as a genetically identical plant is created from the original plant. This technique is not new. Even in ancient times it was used mainly for fruit and olive plants. Around two hundred B.C. it was first mentioned in relation to vines.

The main purpose of grafting is to preserve special characteristics of a plant when they are threatened by diseased roots. It is also intended to create resistance to phylloxera. Due to the higher tolerance of lime and salt, grafting can also increase the yield.

The taste of the wine does usually not change through professional grafting. This is different when a quantum physical refinement is carried out with the 90.10. technology.

Refining wine with quantum energy

For a professional opinion on the topic or the possibilities, we asked some sommeliers at a Swiss wine fair to conduct wine tastings. In a blind test we presented the experts with both the original and the energized wine. The differences found by the sommeliers concerned both taste and smell. An energized red wine was perceived to have a more expressive and fruity smell, while tannins and acidity were less noticeable. The wine therefore tasted more fruity and full-bodied.

Do the test with your favorite wine: Pour two glasses. Place one glass on a 90.10-CARD for about three minutes and put the other one aside. Taste afterwards, also in a group of friends.

Please note: The effect is not the same for all types of wine. With red wines, the difference is also more noticeable than with white wines. We believe that this is related to the tannin content. The more tannins a wine contains, the greater the difference is obviously.

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