Say Goodbye to Tupperware!

Is a kitchen without plastic possible?

Forecasts predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic swimming in our oceans than fish. To reduce plastic waste, the European Parliament has decided that from 2021 onwards, certain plastic products will no longer be available in stores. That applies to cutlery and cutting boards, drinking straws, cotton swabs, and certain cups. It's a pity that plastic bags and PET bottles did not make it on the list of banned products. These products are likely to be in circulation in far greater numbers than, for example, plastic cutlery. They're also a significant part of the per capita production of waste. According to the German "Plastic Atlas," plastic products made up 38 kilograms of waste per person in Germany (2019).


Finding replacements step by step

To advance the plastic free-revolution, it's recommended to take as little plastic as possible with you. That applies not only to shopping (this also serves personal health, by the way) but also in the kitchen. That's easier than it may sound at first. It's not necessary to clear out the cupboards and compartments and throw out everything made of plastic. Instead, it's better to throw things away little by little when broken and only then replace them with plastic-free alternatives. Even for the famous Tupperware, which has been in almost every household for decades, alternatives can be found. These alternatives are not only practical but also ecologically smart and even save you money.

Tips for a plastic-free kitchen

Storage boxes for freezing can be replaced by glass containers, such as canning jars and honey or jam jars with screw-on metal lids. The glass should be thick-walled. Once the food has been filled into the jar, it's first placed into the freezer without a lid. When the content is frozen, the lid is put on.

Storage containers for storing flour, sugar, cereals, and so on and storage boxes for leftovers can be replaced by glass containers with wooden or cork lids. They are even quite decorative. A lot more environmentally friendly than plastic cans are cans made of ceramic, enamel, or bamboo.

Plastic lunch boxes are everywhere: at school, in the office, on hikes, and at sporting events. Their relatives made of stainless steel are just as leakproof and keep the food fresh as well. Besides, they are much more robust and won't break, for example between the heavy books in a school bag.

Even when it comes to baking, the motto is: Look into the cupboards of your grandma! Silicone molds should be gradually discarded and replaced by the good old enamel, stainless steel, and glass baking molds. Cakes, bread, and cookies will turn out just as delicious, promise!

Anyone who’s been using a plastic bread box has been committing a kitchen faux pas for a long time as these boxes can't breathe. Due to that the bread gets stickier much faster. A bread box made of wood or clay will preserve the bread’s crunchiness and freshness for several days.

The spatula, cooking spoon, sieve, can opener, peeler, garlic press, grill tongs, and all the other kitchen utensils don't have to be made of plastic. Use wooden spoons made of a fast-growing resource as bamboo for coated pans and pots. All the other kitchen gadgets can be made entirely of metal.

Other alternatives

  • Plastic wrap > wax paper
  • Microwave dishes > glass and ceramic dishes
  • Garbage bags > biodegradable garbage bags
  • Coffee capsules > roasted coffee
  • Plastic straws > metal and glass drinking straws
  • Plastic cutting boards > Wooden cutting boards

A special topic: Water

Water from stainless steel or glass bottles does not only tastes better. It's also much healthier, as plastic can contain harmful substances that are transferred to the water. Also, the reusable bottles save the need to haul plastic bottles and crates to and from your home. The drinking water with which our households are supplied is usually even more nutritious than commercially available water. Nevertheless, it should be vitalized.

A high-grade steel bottle, like 90.10.'s 5D-Water-Bottle, is a great choice when being on the go. It has the unique ability to release quantum energy and three valuable frequencies directly into the water after being filled.

Use the 90.10.-CUBE to burn glass bottles for the entire family with energy and, if desired, your chosen frequencies. The burning process is of permanent effect. Of course, this possibility is not limited to bottles. Nearly every kitchen gadget, as well as dishes and storage containers, can be permanently energetically enriched in the 90.10.-CUBE. From then on, whenever they come into contact with food, they pass on the quantum energy and provide vitalization.

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