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  • How to drink more water

    Even slight dehydration can impair both physical performance and the ability to concentrate. The metabolism then also ceases its optimal function. Drink eight cups of still water per day. Energized water is tastier and, therefore, easier to drink.

  • Take a deep breath!

    Like most people, you probably take shallow breaths into the chest. By doing so, you don't get enough energy. A deep, calm breathing into the abdomen supplies your body with lots of energy. You can even optimize your body's energy level by using a 90.10.-CARD.

  • Refine your favorite wine

    The taste of the wine is usually not changed by professional refinement. It is different when a quantum physical refinement is carried out with the 90.10. technology. For a professional opinion we have asked sommeliers to conduct wine tastings. Do the test with your favorite wine.

  • Baby monitors – digital or analog?

    On the market there are many different types of baby monitors that are suitable for sleep monitoring. Unfortunately, these devices have been criticized for years as a radiation-generating risk factor. If a 90.10.-CARD is placed under the baby monitor, a certain protection can be achieved.

  • Mindfulness makes you happy

    Mindfulness is not difficult to learn. You should listen to your inner voice more often. Absolutely nothing should be done from time to time. Do one thing after another in peace. If you do not succeed, your organism may lack energy. It is busy with other things. You can easily supply your body with extra energy by using the 90.10.-CARD.

  • Anticipation is the most beautiful joy

    Anticipation drives us and gives us endurance. It has an energizing effect and thus helps us also through difficult times. If the present is very nerve-racking, boring or frustrating, the thought of the future can provide fresh élan. The quantum energy stored in the 90.10.-CARD has a positive effect on the consciousness and can help to trigger your anticipation at every opportunity.

  • No more sore muscles

    Sore muscles are caused by too much strain or unusual movements. Especially people who only do sport irregularly are therefore affected. Sore muscles can be prevented in particular with massages and the intake of omega-3 oil. However, athletes have found out that quantum energy also helps to prevent sore muscles.

  • Inspired by Nikola Tesla

    More than 700 patents are attributed to Nikola Tesla. They make him one of the most influential inventors of the 20th century. One of his visionary ideas influences our lives to this day: The use of free or cosmic energy. 90.10. introduced the frequency "Nikola Tesla" for protection against the interfering effects of electromagnetic radiation on the organism.

  • That's how you know true love

    Do you know Maitri, Karuna, Mudita, and Upeksha? No? Then you might not know true love either. Find out what they mean according to Buddha's teaching and learn how to find true love with the support of quantum energy.

  • The ability to concentrate can be learned

    Sometimes thoughts have a life of their own and do whatever they want. Our smartphone and social media channels make it even more challenging to concentrate on the task at hand. Quantum energy can strengthen your concentration by increasing the energy in your body. The 90.10.-CARD transfers the energy into your organism as long as you carry it with you.

  • When it's Monday every day

    Too tired, too many tasks, too little coffee, too Monday? Even those who have turned their dream or hobby into a profession experience phases in which one can't shift into second gear. A lack of energy is a common cause of lack of motivation. Not only the hectic everyday life sucks the energy out of you like a vampire.

  • Pets prevent stress

    Just cuddle the stress away Anyone who owns a pet knows the pleasant feeling ebbing into the body when a furry friend starts its individual and unc...
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