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  • How to drink more water

    Even slight dehydration can impair both physical performance and the ability to concentrate. The metabolism then also ceases its optimal function. Drink eight cups of still water per day. Energized water is tastier and, therefore, easier to drink.

  • Power against stress

    Stress makes ill. It weakens our immune system and steals our energy. In addition to exercise and times out some dietary supplements can support stress relief or relaxation. The 90.10.-CARD "Tink for Men" has been developed for middle-aged men, "Tink for Women" for women of this age group.

  • Take a deep breath!

    Like most people, you probably take shallow breaths into the chest. By doing so, you don't get enough energy. A deep, calm breathing into the abdomen supplies your body with lots of energy. You can even optimize your body's energy level by using a 90.10.-CARD.

  • More endurance in your favorite sport

    Endurance sports optimally and gently stimulate the cardiovascular system. Strength and mobility are likewise improved. An energy boost can support endurance. Many hobby and competitive athletes thus carry the power capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY with them during training.