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Take a deep breath!

Better breathing, better living

Pay attention to your breathing for a second. Like most people, you probably take shallow breaths into the chest and even hold your breath in between. Do you think it doesn't matter how you breathe? You couldn't be more wrong.

Breathing practically works automatically. The brain stem controls this function in cooperation with the autonomic nervous system. Via respiration, we supply ourselves with oxygen and energy. On average, a human inhales and exhales up to twenty times a minute. That's too much because at this rate, the breaths will fall short and flat. Before a breath is completely exhaled, new air is sucked in. The organism acquires oxygen and energy, but not as much as it could – and should.


Be better than your impulse

The breath should not only flow into the chest but through it and down into the abdomen, where the diaphragm as the most crucial breathing muscle can't wait to get to work. The air wants to stream deep into the body, move the diaphragm, and raise the abdomen. Then the air is let out again, calmly, until it has completely flowed out of the body. 

"Take a deep breath" is what you might say to yourself in a stressful situation, when you get irritated, or are about to explode. If you put thought into practice, you'll stay calm and regain your inner peace. You'll be able to better control your emotions and won't let them erupt. But it's not only your emotions you'll be better able to control.

More positive effects

According to various studies, deep, calm breathing into the abdomen also has positive effects on the cardiovascular system and blood pressure. Since the internal organs are practically massaged by deep breaths, various bodily functions such as digestion and immune system are improved. Just imagine you open a dam, a barrier, and let the air stream into you like rushing water. Your inner being is literally flooded with energy that you need for cleansing, clearing, and regeneration.

If you train your breath and regularly pay attention to it, you can achieve even greater things by time. You can get rid of old worries, prevent anxiety or easily dissolve it, as well as strengthen your intuition and belief in your own abilities.

A deep breath is also a stress killer. Deceleration is for many people today an important issue as to distance themselves from an increasingly complicated, hectic, and demanding world. However, with all the measures they take to achieve this, they don't think about their breathing. In the first place, they need to slow down. Try to decelerate your breathing so that you don't breathe in and out more than ten times per minute. The exhalation should always last a few seconds longer than inhalation. This is roughly equivalent to the breathing you have during sleep. Your organism understands this as a sign of relaxation – and relaxes.

Surgery on your mood

In his paper "On the rise and prevention of pathological coincidences by intention in the breath," the philosopher Immanuel Kant described conscious breathing as "surgery on the mood for which a fairly large degree of firm intent is required." When breathing consciously, you feel the energy and strength flowing into your body with every inhale and negative thoughts and feelings exiting the body with every exhale. Deep breaths are simply liberating.

Even more life energy

The quantum energy stored in the 90.10. products is the same energy as the life energy, which you bring into your body with a conscious, deep, and calm breath. When carrying, for example, the 90.10.-CARD with you in the pocket of your pants or shirt, you can additionally improve the energy level of your organism. Why don't you give the card a try? Take three months to test it, and if you're not convinced, we at 90.10. will take it back.