That's how you know true love

Open your eyes and your heart!

For many people nowadays, being single is the most normal thing in the world. Some people are single voluntarily. The majority isn't. Where love needs to be felt, loneliness prevails instead. Some have had and lost it, others have walked past it blindly. Still others have no idea what it feels like. We were wondering, what true love is all about, and looked to Buddhism. According to Buddha's teaching, four elements must come together for true love.



Loving kindness, Maitri, means offering happiness. This presupposes that one is happy and content with oneself and loves oneself as one is. If you fulfill this condition, you're able to give your partner what you want to gift him or her.


Compassion, Karuna, must not be confused with pity. It merely refers to the ability to feel and understand the feelings of the other person. Whoever has this ability can always make sure that his or her partner is well.


Joy, Mudita, does not only mean to feel joy yourself but also to be able to stir it in others. A good partnership is characterized by joy being with each other, joy from enjoying each other, and joy experienced together. Grief, sorrow, and tears are absent in this state.


Inclusiveness, Upeksha, overcomes all emotional boundaries. The partner is closed into the heart, enclosed in it, so to speak, and not locked out by walls built for various reasons.

Let the heart decide, not the mind

So, true love has nothing magical or dreamy about it. It's based on a very realistic foundation, which, however, is built exclusively on the heart. The mistake that many people make in their search for true love is to listen to the mind. Unfortunately, life has taught us this behavior. When choosing a partner, job, appearance, fitness, age, and presumed reliability all play a role. Hardly anyone listens to their innermost thoughts. The voice of intuition is muted. Instead of finding true love, most stumble from one relationship to the next and often take nothing as disappointment and pain with them. Or they stay in a superficial relationship because it's convenient.

Strengthen your intuition with quantum energy

The quantum energy developed by 90.10. acts as an accelerator on the consciousness. With this potential, it also strengthens the intuition and the ability to hear it once more. No meditation techniques or similar skills need to be learned for this. It's enough to provide the body with energy. This is possible with the help of the affordable 90.10.-CARD. The practical aluminum card stores the quantum energy permanently and passes it onto its owner when worn on the body, e.g., in the pockets of trousers or a shirt.


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