The ability to concentrate can be learned

10 Rules for increasing concentration

Sometimes thoughts have a life of their own and do whatever they want. In the office, they remind us of the broken dishwasher at home, items on the shopping list, the kids' problems at school, or the in-laws' upcoming visit. Our smartphone, social media channels, incoming e-mails, and phone calls make it even more challenging to concentrate on the task at hand. Therefore, we often catch up with the work we didn't finish in our actual leisure time.


Keep the following rules in mind and increase your concentration!

Switch off your cell phone

Before you start work, take one last look at your smartphone, and then turn it off. Leave it off until the lunch break, or even better, until the end of work.

Create order 

Post-its, postcards from your last vacation, photos, decorative items, and so on should be banned from a work desk as they're nothing but a distraction. The few things needed for work should, from an ergonomic point of view, be easily accessible.

Space in your brain

By writing down your daily tasks (preferably the evening before for the next day), you banish them from your thoughts. Check off the completed tasks.

Practice Single-Tasking

Neurological studies have shown that multi-tasking rapidly decreases mental performance. Allegedly, the previously considered talent can even lead to a decrease of the IQ level.

Plan in breaks

Determine your breaks and their length at the start of work and stick to the plan. Use the breaks for a walk or a light office workout to strengthen your muscles and back.

More energy

Quantum energy increases the energy level of your body within a short time. The 90.10.-CARD transfers the energy into your organism when carried with you, for example, in the pocket of your pants or shirt.

Listen to concentration boosting music

A research team from Irvine University discovered the "Mozart Effect", which promotes concentration. It is very apparent when listening to classical music, especially Mozart. Whenever possible, you should, therefore, listen to music at work.

Reduce stress

Being engaged in sports, reading, and meditating notably reduces stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones verifiably block concentration.

Enough sleep

You should allow yourself seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Establish a quiet and dark sleeping environment that precludes problems falling asleep or sleeping throughout the night.

Drink water

Avoid dehydration, which would result in an insufficient supply to the brain cells by drinking water regularly. Throughout the day, you should consume eight glasses of 8.5 oz (250 ml) each.


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