The basic laws of intuitive nutrition

Stop the diet craze

Intuitive nutrition is a philosophy with which you can become an expert of your own body and learn that you are the only suitable person to make decisions regarding your food. In principle, intuitive nutrition is the opposite of a traditional diet, even if you might eventually lose some pounds and reach your weight goal with it. In contrast, there are no rules on what foods to avoid or specific meal times with intuitive nutrition.


Learn to eat intuitively by following these ten principles.

Banish the diet mentality from your thinking

Disconnect yourself from all diet plans, diet guides, or other diet information material. Don't just throw these things away and/or delete them from your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc., but banish them from your mind. Even when you just slightly hope that a diet might work, you're not open to intuitive nutrition.

Recognize hunger

Always keep your body energized with good food. Eat when you feel hungry. If you ignore this feeling of hunger, you'll constantly run the risk of eating more than you actually need at your next meal. Excessive hunger doesn't care about your intention to eat consciously and appropriately.

Make peace with food

So-called "forbidden" food should no longer exist. Give yourself unconditional permission to eat and no longer tell yourself that this or that food is taboo. With the latter mentality, you could trigger a tremendous inner desire for it, which, when finally giving in, can lead to an excessive enjoyment of the "forbidden" fruit.

Dismiss the food police

The food police is your inner voice. They're stationed deep inside your psyche. They praise you if you eat a low-calorie diet, and they give you a smashing ticket if you haven't said no to a piece of chocolate cake. The rules they're concerned with were set by our society. These are opinions from outside that do not take individuality or individual needs in any way into account.

Discover your satisfaction factor

One of life's most fundamental gifts is entirely overlooked by diets, regulations, and opinions regarding food: the pleasure and satisfaction one can feel while eating. Eat the food you want in an environment where you feel comfortable, and you'll have no problem stopping when you've actually had "enough."

Develop a feeling for satiety

Don't shovel the food of your choice into yourself but eat it consciously. Take your time and concentrate on the food. Don't watch TV or use your smartphone while eating. Take a little break in between and consciously think about how you like it and how much you still need. That way, you'll stop eating when you are pleasantly sated.

Understand that eating does not solve problems

Be aware that banning certain foods can always lead to loss of control which can feel like emotional eating. Excitement and boredom, loneliness and anger – all these are triggers that can result in emotional eating. Understand that no food in the world can block these feelings or solve problems.

Respect your body

Are you wearing a shoe size 8? Then you certainly wouldn't squeeze your feet into a size 6 or stumble around in a size 10. Respect your height, your girth, your figure, and adjust your eating habits accordingly. This way, you'll also get a better understanding of your own needs.

Get some exercise

There's a difference between what your body understands as exercise and what society perceives as exercise. Excessive training to lose calories is not something your body needs. It merely wants to exercise regularly to feel good and to recharge its batteries.

Pay attention to your health

Choose food that shows you care for your health and makes you feel good. You will not get sick or develop a nutrient deficiency because of a particular snack or meal. The consistency of a balanced diet plays a significant role. Intuitive nutrition is about progress, not perfection.

Support from the 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY

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