The Clean Eating trend

Not a diet, but an attitude to life

The topic of conscious nutrition is becoming more and more important. The society of plenty, which developed in the 80s, is getting smaller and smaller, because younger and middle-aged people worry a lot about their lifestyle, in which nutrition plays an important role.


Back to nature!

"Back to nature" is also the motto for food. So called "Clean Eating" aims to prepare unprocessed or hardly processed ingredients in a healthy way, to give preference to seasonal and regional products, and to avoid finished products as well as products with artificial ingredients.

Clean Eating could be termed a kind of diet, perhaps also because weight reduction is well possible with this form of nutrition. However, it is rather an attitude, a conviction in life. The real taste is also important. Therefore, sweeteners and sugar, colorants and flavorings as well as flavor enhancers are taboo.

Other basics

Fruit and vegetables are ideal because they have a lot of their own flavor and can be eaten just like that as well as being prepared for the most colorful salads. In addition, they store a lot of vitamins and minerals that serve to protect cells and strengthen the immune system.

Fresh food is usually bought unpacked. However, certain things such as nuts and meat can also be in a package. Look carefully and make sure there are no preservatives, sugar, and unhealthy fats contained.

Carbohydrates are allowed, but they should have a nutritional value. Whole grain products are recommended because of the fiber they contain. You should avoid cornflakes, ready-made cereals, and white flour products.

Vegetable oils and margarine do not meet the Clean Eating criteria. Primarily they do not, because they are produced by chemical extraction. If you need oil for the preparation of a meal, use natural olive oil. Healthy fats are provided by fish, nuts, and avocado.

Beer is on the blacklist because of its ingredients. Wine, especially red wine, is good for the heart in moderation and can be enjoyed during Clean Eating. Any cocktails that contain sugar or sweeteners will have to be avoided though.

Packaged snacks like chips, muffins, and granola bars contain refined carbohydrates, sugar, vegetable oil, and a number of other not very healthy ingredients. They have almost no nutritional value. Healthy fruit and vegetable snacks replace them very well.

Water is the healthiest and most natural drink. You should drink one and a half to two liters of water per day, or eight glasses of 8.5 oz (250 ml). If you need more flavor, add slices of a cucumber or a lemon. You could also prepare tea, but you'll have to drink it unsweetened.

When it comes to animal products, it is important to pay attention to the origin and husbandry. Breeding animals under natural, good conditions has top priority.

Optimized through quantum energy

Quantum energy has a positive influence on the consistency and taste of almost every food. Especially fruits and vegetables benefit from this energy boost. To energize them right before eating or preparing them, place them for a few minutes in the energy field of the 90.10.-CUBE.

Alternatively, you can use the cube to permanently burn quantum energy into the containers in which you keep or store fruit and vegetable, such as fruit bowls and the vegetable box of the refrigerator.


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