The menopause of the man

When PADAM causes a lack of drive

Menopause is not just a women's issue; men can also go through such a phase. So far, not every man has been affected, but according to studies, only about one in ten. However, our living conditions ensure that the tendency is increasing. As with women, this is due to hormonal changes in later life.

It seems to be difficult to agree on a name for the counterpart to the female menopause. Some refer to the phase as andropause, but this is unfavorable due to the sensory translation. Perhaps, a better name is PADAM, short for partial androgen deficit in the aging male.


Lack of desire all along the line

Things start to go wrong for affected men between 40 and 50. Less testosterone is produced, especially because the testicles are no longer supplied with blood as well. A first symptom is the decrease in muscle mass, while abdominal fat becomes more. Also due to erectile dysfunction man loses interest in sex - by the media and the pharmaceutical industry this symptom is often described as the biggest or main problem of declining testosterone production. But the lack of desire also affects other areas of life. Man is tired, weary, no longer as productive. In short, he lacks drive. For some, this ends in a depressive mood.

Physical activity helps

One causes the other: Man loses the desire for physical activity, but this is the most effective measure to boost testosterone production. So get over your weaker self and do endurance sports like jogging and cycling. You should also visit the gym regularly for fitness training. Since sexual abstinence can inhibit testosterone production even more, allow some time for your sex life.

As a balance to exercise, but also to the demanding everyday life, relaxation is recommended, e.g. with autogenic training or meditation, with Tai-Chi or yoga. Sauna always does the trick!

Nutrition plays an important role for a good testosterone level. Let your food be rich in vitamins and low in fat. Your diet should include fish, red meat, and poultry, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Frequencies of nutritional supplements

In addition, you can take nutritional supplements. If you want to save yourself from swallowing pills every day, try the 90.10.-CARD Tink for Men. It's designed for middle-aged men and is informed with the frequencies of nine supplements. These include the sex hormone DHEA, as well as Tribulus and Fenugreek, both boost testosterone production. In addition to this booster, the card stores four other boosters against stress, natural aging, and so on.

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