The placebo effect

More than just a mental matter

Back pain and headaches are the two most common types of pain. When they occur, people usually turn to painkillers, which are an integral part of their medicine cabinet. The fact that in many cases it also goes without, is proven by countless studies that have been carried on the placebo effect. The effect was even known to Hippocrates. If a cured patient continued to demand his remedy, the doctor gave him a placebo, which in most cases did its job.


The expectation has an effect

Placebos do not contain any medicinal substances. Unlike drugs, they are therefore unlikely to have any pharmacological effect. The opposite is repeatedly found in clinical studies. There, placebos are used to analyze and prove the effectiveness of new products. This is done by giving one group of participants a drug and another group a placebo. Surprisingly, the placebo group often also experiences an improvement in symptoms. This makes one thing clear: It is not necessarily the drug that works, but also the patient's expectation or inner intention in taking the pill: If I take this pill, I will feel better.

Body's own opioid

Pain medication is usually used to treat symptoms, not causes. Especially in the treatment of symptoms, the use of placebos has proven to be very effective. However, it is not purely a matter of the head or "imagination". Scientists today can prove that the body chemistry reacts to anti-pain placebos. When the placebo is taken (with the expectation of an effect), the body begins to produce pain-relieving substances called endogenous opioids. This causes the pain to subside. Hooray for the self-healing power of the body!

Placebo by Proxy

But how can it be that placebos have been proven to work in animals, too, when they can't "imagine" anything. The findings around Pavlov's dog suggest that it works via conditioning: Once an injection has caused a pain to subside, the animal expects the same effect with each subsequent injection, and the production of the body's own opioids begins. In addition, animals have very fine sensors. If the owner is positive about recovery, this has an effect on the animal.

Stabilize your expectation with quantum energy

An expectation or intention is the same as an affirmation. Positive affirmations have an impressive effect on the mind, soul, and body. However, in order for them to work, they must be rooted in the subconscious mind, which is sometimes not so easy.

With the help of 90.10. quantum energy you can amplify affirmations and thus benefit even more from the placebo effect. Already the inexpensive 90.10.-CARD, which we also offer with different frequencies, can support you in this regard. You simply carry it in your pocket.

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