There's no such thing as coincidence

What exactly is synchronicity in life?

I'm sure you've at some point in your life experienced this: There has been a change in your life that couldn't have come at a better time and is the beginning of an optimal development. It could have been a small change, or it could have been something huge. It could be a person you met, an idea you had in your dream, moving somewhere, or a new job. "By chance," some things seem to develop "surprisingly" positively through this change at the same time, that means something else changes as well. Maybe you've made "fate" responsible or just saw it as a result of "happy" circumstances.


We are One

If you view the universe as a living organism, in which everyone and everything is connected with everyone and everything, then you roll your eyes when someone wants to tell you about coincidences. You know that you, like everything and everyone else, are in vibration and that your vibration is answered – the universe responds as a community of us all. It resonates with you, so that gravity, that is, the force of attraction, can bring together what belongs together.

It's a beautiful, loving language that the universe speaks when creating synchronicity. This language is called synchronicity because the events, reactions, and resonances are synchronous. The word is derived from the Greek words "syn" (engl. "with") and "chronos" (engl. "time"). "With time" is thus its meaning. According to its definition, synchronicity describes the strikingly simultaneous occurrence of two or more events.

Was that chance, fate, or just a (good amount of) luck?

Those who believe in chance make luck accountable. Most people do so when no measurements can be taken to provide evidence or explanations. Then, they also don't put the events into context. With fate, which is practically a synonym for synchronicity, one is convinced that the universe has higher intelligence and causes the events.

Can synchronicity be physically explained?

It can't be measured, but quite easily explained. We simply recommend taking a look at quantum physics, where it's assumed that every particle in the universe, every atom, every molecule, etc. has a gravitational effect on every other particle. The spatial distance is irrelevant.

It's up to you

Nobody can tell you how to interpret the events of your life. If you want to get to the bottom of it, you can keep something like a journal. In it, you can keep track of the events and their sequence. This way, you can get an overview and gradually see a surprisingly large number of connections that suddenly make sense. Whether your fellow human beings think the same isn't important. But be careful not to overinterpret anything because you want to shove things into a certain light.

Strengthen the synchronicity in life

You can't directly influence synchronicity, but when you accept its existence, a good starting point for further positive developments has been set. From now on, you can entice synchronicity a bit by first visualizing an intention and then intensively feeling it. You thus formulate a positive statement of belief, an affirmation. By doing so, you create a powerful vibration that is sent out into the universe. In response, the resonance follows, whereby the gravitation that is the attraction for the important events in your life is activated. 

Users of the 90.10. products have reported that more synchronicity has been achieved since they started using the technology. We ourselves have also had this experience and personally explain this phenomenon with the expansion of consciousness and the sharpening of perception, not only for one's own needs but also for the environment. Especially great progress can be made with the Forever Freedom Pack, whose two cubes can be increased in terms of energy output. With this, you can bring yourself and your consciousness to increasingly higher levels.


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