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Train your inner voice

Live consciously and happily

For some it is "the gut feeling" or the "voice of the heart". Others call it "the intuition" or "the inner voice". The name doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how much attention it gets.


Basic needs and desires

Many people no longer hear their inner voice. In the course of their lives, it has been overruled by external voices. The reason, the most powerful opponent of the inner voice, has also made itself heard more. So the inner voice mumbles to itself that it only means well. This becomes particularly clear in the perception of basic needs. You eat when you're hungry. You go to sleep when you're tired. When you're cold, you put on warmer clothes. In short, your inner voice tells you what you need and you trust it.

You could also trust it in other, perhaps less existential areas of life. But in jobs, partnerships, and friendships, most people only hear the external voices. To get approval and compliment, you adjust yourself, often ignoring your own needs. On the one hand, this behavior does no good, and on the other, it slows down personal development.

Turn it up!

If you live your life according to your real desires and needs, you will lead a happy and fulfilled life. If your inner voice is too quiet to guide you, turn it up. Here's how you can succeed:

  1. Become important to yourself

Ask yourself three times a day how you feel. You don't have to analyze or evaluate the answer, just notice your emotional state and establish a new routine: When you ask about yourself more often, you become important to yourself.

  1. Do without the opinion of others

You may become largely indifferent to what others think and expect of you. Do you fear that you will hurt or frighten others by doing so? Those who love and appreciate you will get used to your new behavior. In the meantime, you will learn that you do not have to please others, but first and foremost yourself.

  1. Come to silence

Consciously seek silence on a regular basis, for example on a walk in the woods or during meditation. It is important that you are alone and can concentrate on your thoughts.

  1. Let other inner voices fall silent

Over the years, certain beliefs, statements, etc. of your fellow human beings have entered your consciousness. You know what they would tell you and how they would evaluate your actions. You need to find these other inner voices and shut them down.

  1. Focus on your heart

When you have achieved points one to four, you will hear your inner voice clearly. Share your thoughts with it and ask it, for example, about a friendship you doubt. In response, your heart area will feel either warmer or cooler. Act accordingly.

Quantum Energy Support

Quantum energy gradually brings your consciousness to a higher level. This makes it easier for you to recognize your own needs and formulate desires. The courage to align your life with these wishes and needs is also strengthened. So, when training your inner voice, a boost of energy can be helpful. The power capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY is particularly suitable for this, because it has a high energy output. You can carry it in your pocket or on a neck strap.