When all you want to do is sleep

Afternoon tiredness at work

There are several possible causes for tiredness in the afternoon. A work-related cause is usually the stuffy, stale room air. Often also the morning was stressful and consumed a lot of the body's own energy. The following measures can help to perk you up in the office.


Fresh air

Stale air does not contain enough oxygen, and without oxygen the brain goes into economy mode. Air your office regularly even in winter.

Still water

Since your brain consists of 90 percent water, a lack of fluid is first noticed in your head. Drink a glass of still water every hour.

Good light

Daylight lamps for the desk are a supplement to the room light. They are optimally adjusted when you see the light cone. They must not shine into your face.

Pure sunlight

Vitamin D has many positive effects. It not only lifts the mood, but also wakes you up. As a dietary supplement it works well, but it is more effective when it comes to you via sunrays. So, take a walk during your lunch break - even if there is no sun to be seen.

Regular exercise

Get your body to work from time to time, even during work. You don't have to sit when you use the phone, and you can run errands yourself. 

Extra energy

In the 90.10.-CUBE you can enrich objects with quantum energy, e.g. clothes and jewelry. You can also create energy cards. If you wear or carry energized objects with you, they pass the energy on to you. 

Healthy food

Heavy food like kebabs and pizza makes you tired, because your body needs a lot of energy to digest them. For your lunch break, try a raw vegetable salad with poultry and/or egg.

Non-work related causes

When the indoor air is optimal and working is relaxed, poor sleep, hunger and inner restlessness can be the causes of afternoon tiredness. Possibilities for prevention are therefore a good sleeping environment, a balanced breakfast, and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.

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