Yoga for the face

Training to fade out dynamic wrinkles 

Are you thinking about a botox treatment or even a facelift? Before you decide to take these more or less dramatic steps, try to train your facial muscles and tighten your skin naturally.


It's not only about your skin

Our face is a complex network of muscles. They are connected to our subconscious and help decide our facial expressions. A look into a person's face often reveals whether he is happy or something is bothering him. Happy people often have a radiant, fresh-looking face. However, not only the skin but also the muscles, determine the appearance of a face. Therefore, proper skincare is often not sufficient. The facial muscles should be used regularly and consciously. But the older we get, the less we use certain muscles. So, unfortunately, they go limp with time.

The fact that facial yoga or facial exercises are effective has been proven in a 2018 study conducted by the Northwestern University of Chicago. As part of that study, women between the age of 40 and 65 took part in special daily exercises and, afterward, looked approximately three years younger. Thus, the rejuvenating effect that face yoga has ensures a healthy elasticity of the skin and stimulates its regenerative power. After only a few days, the eyes appear bigger, the mouth area lifts, and wrinkles appear less deep.

Now you can make a face

With the following exercises, you train your facial muscles and improve their tightened state. In the beginning, it's best to look in a mirror. But go gentle with your skin, don't distort it forcefully, and let the movements be tender.

Warm-up: To stimulate the blood circulation, first tap your face with the fingertips.

Forehead: Place your fingers on your forehead. Your fingertips should touch each other. Pull your eyebrows and eyelids up and hold them like this for about 10 seconds. With your fingers resting on your skin, you prevent the skin from wrinkling during this exercise.

Eyes: Place your thumbs under and your index fingers over your eyes. Gently stretch the skin down and up and blink twenty times. To fight small eye wrinkles, it’s also helpful to trace an eight with your index fingers around your closed eyes.

Cheeks: Inflate the cheeks with air, push the air several times from one side to the other, then tap the skin with your fingertips and gradually release the air through your pursed lips.

Mouth: Smile and pull the corners of your mouth a little higher with your fingertips. This exercise combats the droopy corners of the mouth. You can tackle lip wrinkles by pressing your lips together and massaging the resulting lines with your fingertips or pressing your stretched index finger on your upper lip.

Chin: Stretch your head upwards and massage the lower part of your chin with both hands by stretching the skin from the inside out. It's also helpful to push the lower jaw slowly forward several times and trying to touch your nose with your tongue.

Additions to facial yoga

Various manufacturers have designed so-called face rollers, which have become increasingly popular since 2019. Such a tool supposedly reduces swelling and soothes inflammation by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Quantum energy brings relaxation

No quantum energy, no matter how strong, can prevent wrinkles caused by aging or facial expressions. It's no magic bullet. But the extra energy that your body receives from the respective product allows you to approach many issues in a more relaxed manner and expands your perception. This way, you can get rid of your stress, distance yourself from certain worries, recognize their cause, and eliminate it.

From this perspective, the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE is a wonderful companion. Carry the capsule with the quantum energy stored in the titanium spheres in your pocket close to your body.


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