You are where you are

Make your world the way you like it

Your environment affects your basic mood. However, your environment does not only refer to your living and moving space. It also includes your personal relationships and your virtual environment. So, make sure that you feel comfortable in your whole surroundings.


Home is where the heart is

Your own four walls should give you a feeling of security, relaxation, and well-being. Size and furnishings do not matter. It is up to you alone to create a haven of comfort.

Only the genius overlooks chaos - this is probably more of an excuse than a fact. In fact, the orderliness of a home often allows us to draw conclusions about the soul's health of the person living there. A tidy home is an expression of a tidy mind. Keeping your own home tidy, also helps you organize your thoughts. Piles of clothes in the bedroom, dirty dishes in the sink, and the dining room table used as a shelf are sure to keep you from ordering your thoughts. But a museum atmosphere shouldn't prevail either. The traces of good, pleasant life should be visible.

In addition to a pleasant order, scents also have a positive effect on the well-being at home. The sense of smell and our mood are connected. Just sniff your way through the range of scented candles and essential oils and take home scents you like to smell.

The right important people matter

Time with your partner, family and friends is an asset in life that you should enjoy. Of course, relationships are always also challenging and dependent on give and take. You can recognize reliable friends by the balance that exists between you.

If you have doubts about a friendship, you should question why this feeling is there. Often it is a sign of imbalance in the relationship. Maybe it is people who, in their usual manner, dump their problems on you, behave rather selfishly, or always see only the negative in everything. This kind of contact can make you feel uncomfortable. It could be better to distance yourself and limit both encounters and communication to a level that is good for you.

Putting your virtual environment to the test

Our lives are influenced by the virtual environment to the same degree that they are influenced by the real one. We "live" in certain social media, inform ourselves online, and follow world events digitally.

Be aware of the virtual sources from which you receive the most negative information. You should avoid these and stop paying attention to them, as they have a negative impact on you and your well-being. This may not be easy at first, as using them has become routine. Find strategies and distractions to change your digital habits. You'll quickly find that you have more time for more important and enjoyable things in life - real and virtual.

In addition to consciously deciding where you get your information from, you should also decide how often you check out the latest happenings. Once or twice a day is usually enough to be up to date. Don't do it constantly, it only robs you of energy that you need for your work or other tasks.

Like your real contacts, you should check your virtual friends. Especially in the digital space, many people are just seeking for attention. They will do anything to get it. It is better to avoid such people.

More well-being with quantum energy

Quantum energy may not increase your well-being as directly as a scented candle. However, it positively influences your consciousness and perception and thus helps you to implement the tips listed above. In addition, it can protect your organism from the disturbing effects of electromagnetic radiation and thus give you more well-being.

The Forever Freedom Pack allows you to even adapt your needs to external conditions, because its Next Generation Cubes can be amplified step by step, thus increasing their energy output. Since the two Cubes are interconnected, they improve the energetic harmony of your home many times over. Apart from that, the work like the standard 90.10. CUBE. So, you can also charge everyday objects with energy.

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