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  • Is it self-love or is it egoism?

    Self-love is a basic requirement for a fulfilled life. On the one hand, we need it to be at peace with ourselves. On the other hand, it helps us to behave empathetically and responsibly towards our fellow human beings. It actually cannot be confused with egoism. There are worlds in between.

  • Power against aging

    When people think of the term "anti-aging," many think of the skin's youthful and fresh appearance. In recent years, researchers and scientists have made enormous progress in the field of anti-aging, viewing aging as a complex process linked to many factors that starts in the body's cells and gradually weakens critical bodily functions. 

  • Go jogging, live longer!

    Off the couch, into the running shoes Too warm, too cold, too late, too early, too wet ... There is always a reason to stay on the couch with your ...
  • You are where you are

    Your environment affects your basic mood. However, your environment does not only refer to your living and moving space. It also includes your personal relationships and your virtual environment. So, make sure that you feel comfortable in your whole surroundings.

  • The placebo effect

    Back pain and headaches are the two most common types of pain. When they occur, people usually turn to painkillers, which are an integral part of their medicine cabinet. The fact that in many cases it also goes without, is proven by countless studies that have been carried on the placebo effect.

  • Power against stress

    Stress makes ill. It weakens our immune system and steals our energy. In addition to exercise and times out some dietary supplements can support stress relief or relaxation. The 90.10.-CARD "Tink for Men" has been developed for middle-aged men, "Tink for Women" for women of this age group.

  • Train your inner voice

    For some it is "the gut feeling" or the "voice of the heart". Others call it "the intuition" or "the inner voice". The name doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is how much attention it gets. Train your inner voice with 90.10. quantum energy to live a happy life.
  • Take a deep breath!

    Like most people, you probably take shallow breaths into the chest. By doing so, you don't get enough energy. A deep, calm breathing into the abdomen supplies your body with lots of energy. You can even optimize your body's energy level by using a 90.10.-CARD.

  • Minimize EMF at home

    We are permanently surrounded by electro smog. Even at home there are numerous sources of radiation. The knowledge about the origin helps you to reduce the EMF at home.  Our 90.10.-CUBE provides a particularly large amount of quantum energy. With it you can not only energize everyday objects permanently, it can also protect you and your loved ones from domestic electro smog.

  • More endurance in your favorite sport

    Endurance sports optimally and gently stimulate the cardiovascular system. Strength and mobility are likewise improved. An energy boost can support endurance. Many hobby and competitive athletes thus carry the power capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY with them during training.

  • Where science was wrong

    For many, the laws of science are indisputable truths. Theories about the origin of the earth and the universe, laws of mathematics, chemistry, and physics give support and provide explanations for connections that we need for our rational thinking. But, after all, history has shown many times that no law and no truth is indisputable.

  • Aromatherapy and energy against PMS

    The Premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short, combines various physical and psychological complaints. In some women, they are so severe that the quality of life is significantly affected. Aromatherapy helps. You can simply do it at home, for example with a fragrance lamp. The effect of essential oils can be further optimized on the energetic level by using the inexpensive 90.10.-CARD.