90.10.-CARD PLUS ANI9010M Frequency "Animal"

90.10.-CARD PLUS ANI9010M Frequency "Animal"

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This frequency is a pure research frequency.

This quantum frequency contains the information to reactivate the blueprint (matrix) of the animal body. This means that the original state, which was changed by various life experiences, is restored by reminding all parts of the molecular structure to be in their optimum state. It helps with healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual/essential level – spiritual or essential because, unlike humans, animals don't have a mental level.

The frequency works for all animal species. So, it can help to heal pets as well as farm and wild animals.

  • Content: 1 piece
  • Size: 3,5 x 2 inches (WxH)
  • Material: The card consists of thin aluminum. Its surface is sealed with colorless anodic oxide. The aluminum protects against electromagnetic interference effects.
  • Energy output: 6 QEPPs

Amplification of the frequency

The energy of the card is strong enough to positively influence the body and transport the frequency into the cells. To do this, simply place the card under the animal's food bowl or water bowl. If you wish, you can amplify the frequency by using the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE ZERO POINT ENERGY and aluminum foil. In the video you can find instructions on the example of a Moringa leaf. You don't have to place the card in the center, just put the stamp (built as shown in the video) on one corner of the card (the frequency is stored everywhere in the card in the same strength). You don't have to wrap the aluminum foil around the spheres, you can also form it to a kind of tube, push it into the capsule, and fill the spheres into the tube.

Please read before purchase

The frequency of every imaginable matter can be downloaded from the universe (free of charge, of course). Experienced users of the 90.10. products are familiar with this process. The offer of the Hardcopies or 3D frequencies is aimed at newcomers and all who want to experiment with quantum energy and proven frequencies without additional effort.

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