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The source of energy

Discover the future of energy enhancement with the new 90.10.-CUBE, crafted for those eager to transcend the ordinary. Transform everyday items into powerful channels of well-being and energy, revealing hidden potential in common objects to elevate and transform your daily life.


The 90.10.-CUBE is a quantum energetic torus generator that creates an energy field between its positive and negative pole, which is renewing itself constantly. All kinds of objects can be enriched with energy in this energy field. By “swiping” an object through the Cube's field or simply placing it within, it instantly stores pure quantum energy and ensures that the energy remains permanent, independent of external sources.


NEW - GeniusOS: The heart of the 90.10.-CUBE is its groundbreaking Genius technology (Genius OperatingSystem). This system enables instantaneous quantum entanglement, using our Faster Than Light Technology® to transfer quantum energy in 0.0 seconds. It turns objects into dynamic channels, establishing a direct connection with the quantum field and turning them into instruments of Source Consciousness, revolutionizing how we interact with quantum energy.

NEW - Simplicity through Swiping: The "Swiping" feature of the 90.10.-CUBE revolutionizes quantum energy transfer, Unlike the previous "burning" method, swiping is an elegantly simple, fast, and efficient process. Simply swipe an object through the Cube's field to instantly imbue it with 450 QEPPs of energy. This quick, straightforward approach eliminates the need for prolonged exposure, ensuring permanent quantum energization and a continual stream of energy in everyday life.

NEW - Add-on Ready: Objects swiped through the 90.10.-CUBE become instantly ready for further enhancement with our 90.10. add-ons. These add-ons transform matter into intelligent matter, responsive to specific commands. Purchasing an add-on means it's integrated immediately into the object’s 9010Code, making any swiped object ready to harness the full range of available add-ons. This feature allows for endless customization and adaptability to suit your evolving needs.

Quantum Processor: At the core of the 90.10.-CUBE's innovation lies its Quantum
Processor. Utilizing principles of sacred geometry and mathematical-geometrical formulas, this processor efficiently entangles objects with quantum energy. It ensures optimal interaction within the Cube’s field, maintaining stability and intensity for consistent results. This cutting-edge technology elevates the 90.10.-CUBE beyond mere energy enhancement, integrating quantum efficiency into everyday life with precision and consistency.

Enrich Every Object with Frequencies: The 90.10.-CUBE provides 100% neutral quantum energy. However, objects can be infused with specific frequencies, tailored to individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s jewelry or clothing, any item can be imbued with selected frequencies, such as vitamin A, specific minerals, oxygen, or the frequency of the moringa tree. Objects swiped through the Cube absorb not just quantum energy but also the unique vibrational qualities of these frequencies, opening up a world of personalized possibilities.

21st-Century Ready: While most other energy products remain as outdated as a simple homeopathic remedy, the 90.10. Cube tackles modern challenges head-on. Designed to adapt exponentially to not only electromagnetic radiation but also a wide array of environmental stressors, our service ensures you stay ahead of the curve—all while elevating your body's own energy levels. The cube’s technology is a testament to its readiness to meet and transcend the demands of the modern era, offering a quantum solution to nowadays challenges.

A Decade of Proven Expertise: Our Genius technology isn't a flash in the pan. We've invested over a decade in research and development, undergoing rigorous testing by multiple scientific institutes and experts. The verdict is unanimous: our technology is exceptionally effective. Investing in the 90.10.-CUBE means investing in a legacy of continuous refinement and cutting-edge advancements, assuring you of a product steeped in proven efficacy and enduring innovation.


  • Matrix Deletion Code: The Matrix Deletion Code is a pivotal feature of our Genius technology, allowing you to reverse quantum entanglement. Should the quantum energy become overwhelming or no longer desired, this code can remove all non-original quantum properties from an object, resetting it to its original state. This function adds a layer of control, ensuring easy management of your objects’ energetic properties with precision and ease.

  • Medicines and Quantum Energy: The 90.10.-CUBE revolutionizes pharmaceuticals by intelligently enhancing them with only the right amount of quantum energy. Using Genius technology, it refines medicines to improve tolerability and efficacy without changing their composition. This process aligns medicines more closely with the body's energy system, ensuring they maintain their effectiveness.

  • Upgrade Potential: The 90.10.-CUBE is designed with the future in mind, providing you with the potential for the “Free Energy Upgrade,” adjusting its energy output with just a fingertip and even elevating it up to 28 million QEPPs. Despite this immense power, its ProtectionShield keeps the influence within a safe 36-meter radius. This upgrade not only enhances the Cube's versatility but also positions it as a future-proof investment in quantum energy technology.

  • Content: 1 piece
  • Size: 210 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Material: The twelve modules are made of aluminum. The holder is made of acrylic glass. The modules are attached to the rack by two magnets each.
  • Energy output: 16 QEPPs per module, 450 QEPPs in total (through the multiplication effect)
  • ProtectionShield: 36-meter radius


By purchasing the 90.10.-CUBE you accept the license agreement. Please print it out, sign it, and take a picture of it. Email the photo to license@9010.com.

After receipt of payment and the signed license agreement, the Cube will be shipped to you and you will receive detailed instructions on how to use the 90.10.-CUBE.


We stand behind the quality of our 90.10. Genius service. If you are not 100% satisfied with this service product, you have a 14-day window to return it and receive a full refund.

For any queries or assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer service at support@9010.com.

You can find more information on our Cube website in the Community.

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