Let your life be music!

Like vitamin D for the ears

Music does not only create a good mood by feeling. Numerous studies have proven that it has a positive influence on our mood and psyche. It has the strongest effect the moment it is heard, but also has a lasting effect on hormonal balance and cognitive abilities.

Your favorite songs only take 15 minutes to banish bad mood, depression, listlessness, and stress. The reason for this is the neurotransmitter dopamine. While listening to the songs you like, this substance is released in the brain and provides feelings of happiness, joy, and serenity.


Power songs

People who are happy and calm are proven to be more efficient. At work, but especially in sports, music leads to an increase in performance. Research shows that runners with fast-paced music on their ears are faster than runners who run listening to slow songs or no music at all. Because the effect is particularly noticeable in endurance sports, practically all sports apps include so-called power songs for additional motivation and performance.

Listening the stress away

Listening to music, but also making music can help the body to break down the stress hormone cortisol. Both acute and chronic stress, which are proven to weaken the immune system, can be dispelled in this way. So: Listen to music wherever you can and even sing along: in the car, in the shower, while cooking... Wherever it works and doesn't get on anybody's nerves.

Good mood music

The two messenger substances serotonin and dopamine control the well-being in our brain. Together with norepinephrine they are released when listening to classical music and relaxation music. This improves the mood and creates a feeling of happiness. Hard, fast beats, on the other hand, increase performance, but can also trigger negative feelings.

A little night music

Many people experience restless nights. Often worries do not let the thoughts come to rest, and the tension of the day simply does not fall away. Calm music or classical compositions can also help here. You should listen to such music one hour before going to bed. However, absolutely not helpful in terms of a restful night are television, smartphone and computer games, or other activities that challenge the mind.

A reminder

Music always conveys a feeling. The combination of emotions and information remains much more firmly anchored in the memory. No wonder then that learning with music is much easier. However, it is better to play neutral music. According to studies, your own favorite songs are more likely to distract from learning.

Quantum energy as an accompanying instrument

The Power Capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY can support you in many ways. The energy stored in its titanium spheres can strengthen your motivation and expand your consciousness. Last but not least, more energy in your body helps you to deal with stress and negative thoughts. As an accompanying instrument to music it can do good for you.

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