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Mindfulness makes you happy

Living in the moment

The present time is a real challenge for many people. Fears and stress determine the thinking of many, but they are pure poison for the organism. Positive thoughts and feelings are an effective antidote and a healthy measure in general, but sometimes they are simply not to be found. They do not hide themselves at all. They are always there and actually tangible in the here and now. If you live consciously in the present, you gain access to positive feelings more easily. Thus, you get more power and energy to cope with your everyday life.


Act consciously!

Routines are important and a help in everyday life. However, they also lead you to act not consciously but unconsciously. It has probably already happened to you that you arrive at the supermarket or at work without having a memory of the route you took. Or in a conversation you have to ask what the conversation is about. Studies show that our thoughts become independent. In 47 percent of our time we digress. So, it is basically something completely normal to happen. And it is nice to dream. But: we miss almost half of our life dreaming. During this time, we are unconscious and do not pay attention to ourselves, our surroundings, and our situation.

Every moment is the moment

If we focus our own attention on the events of the moment, we can stimulate happiness, fulfillment, contentment, and similar feelings. Mindfulness is the name of this psychological process. How well and how quickly we succeed in being mindful varies from person to person. It depends on the ability to enter one's own emotional center, to recognize and become aware of daily routines and actions.

Mindfulness is not difficult to learn. Focus for a few minutes on what is happening around you or on what you are doing. Try to perceive the moment with your senses. Breathe in and out consciously, look at your surroundings, listen to the sounds around you, concentrate on a smell, feel the warmth or cold on your skin.

However, the perception of the present is only one part of mindfulness. In addition to conscious experience, it is important to accept your current situation as it is. Do not judge whether it is good or bad, where you are or how you feel. Accept the situation, impartially, without judgement. This also applies to all emotions that are inside you. With all this you come into harmony with the moment. If you are not in harmony with the moment, your experiences can lead you to extreme feelings, which once awakened can dominate the whole day.

Mindfulness is a matter of practice. The following tips will help you to be mindful:

Listen to yourself!

You should listen to your inner voice more often. Listen to what it has to say. Thoughts speak up in order to be perceived. Listen to them, don't give them too much weight, but also question them. Where does this thought come from? Why is it there? Where does it want to take me? And most important: do I want to go there?

Take time for nothing!

Leisure stress is the norm these days. We have forgotten how to do nothing. But you should do absolutely nothing now and then. At the beginning it may feel uncomfortable; maybe you even feel guilty. Rest assured, the feeling will get smaller and smaller and disappear. Find a pleasant place to do nothing and lock out everything that distracts you from it.

Take it easy!

Doing all sorts of things at once was long considered a super method to strengthen the brain and productivity. But multitasking not only makes us more busy, it also exhausts us more quickly. We are by no means more productive, as studies have found out. So always concentrate only on your current task and take your time to do one thing after another.

Quantum energy for more mindfulness

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