Power for the immune system

No chance for a virus

Our immune system is fully challenged not only in fall and winter. All year long it is busy fending off viruses, bacteria, and germs that have gained access to our organism to more or less floor us.

The risk of infection is of course particularly high in public places. If someone coughs or sneezes, the viruses and bacteria are thrown into the air. Door handles and handholds would have to be disinfected every minute in order not to be considered generally contaminated. The measures of protection are well known to us all. It is also clear that eager washing of hands, wearing masks, and keeping distance to others only help to a limited extent. It therefore makes sense to strengthen the immune system so that it can quickly disarm and chase away the troublemakers.


Energy and frequencies for the immune system

Die Quantenenergie von 90.10. bewährt sich in diesem Sinne schon viele Jahre lang. Einen besonderen Booster für das Immunsystem bieten die Tink-Powerkapseln. Neben der Energie speichern sie die Frequenzen von 14 Substanzen, die das Immunsystem stärken, z. B. naturmedizinische Alternativen zu Antibiotika und Myzelien. Der Immunbooster wird von vier anderen Boostern ergänzt. So ist Tink for Men auf die Bedürfnisse von Männern mittleren Alters ausgerichtet, während Tink for Women Frauen dieser Altersklasse anspricht.

Die beiden speziellen Powerkapseln befinden sich gerade in der Testphase. Wenn du mit der Anwendung einer Powerkapsel 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY vertraut bist, kannst du eine Tink-Kapsel testen.

Concerning this matter, the quantum energy of 90.10. has proven itself for many years. Quite a special booster for the immune system are the 90.10.-CARDs with the "Tink" frequency. They not only store energy but also the frequencies of 14 substances that strengthen the immune system, e.g. natural alternatives to antibiotics and mycelia. The immune booster is supplemented by four other boosters. Thus, Tink for Men is aimed at the needs of middle-aged men, while Tink for Women addresses women in this age group.

Further support for the immune system

Antioxidants protect the cells and fight free radicals. Red berries and tomatoes, apples and citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli, and brussels sprouts contain particularly high amounts. Sea buckthorn, carrots, peppers, and vegetable oils provide you with vitamins A, C and E. The minerals zinc, selenium, and iron, which are important for the immune system, are found in meat, fish, eggs, oat flakes, and nuts.

Avoid distress. This so-called negative stress weakens your immune system enormously. eustress, positive stress, on the other hand, does as good as exercise. With endurance sports such as jogging, swimming, and cycling you strengthen your body's defenses. In addition, you should go to the sauna once or twice a week and strengthen your immune system with the contrast of temperatures.

You can prevent many diseases by getting enough restful sleep. On average, an adult needs eight hours per night. In winter, you are welcome to add one hour more.

Your immune system likes it if you're happy. According to studies, endorphins are released during an embrace from the approx. 20th second on. So, cuddle your loved ones. Laughing also keeps you healthy.


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