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Take it easy!

Healthier living with serenity

Your kid floods the kitchen with orange juice, the train's running late, a project is not finished on time, the queue at the supermarket checkout is way too long, a wine glass breaks ... everyday life provides more stress than energy. But there are people who don't let themselves be disturbed by any of that and always react calmly. Some are born with this virtue, others have thoroughly acquired it. Yet serenity means neither resignation nor indifference, but solely a healthy attitude and the ability to enjoy life.


6 tips for more serenity


First and foremost, stop making supposedly adverse events your problem and quit taking everything personally. Keep a cool head and learn to look at difficult situations through the eyes of an outsider. It helps to physically get a bit of distance. If you feel that you're about to explode, pull back. Most things you say by impulse will be things you regret later on.

Take a deep breath

When stressed, you breathe faster and shorter. Your brain doesn't get enough oxygen and your mental state deteriorates even further. So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and understand that your personal trigger has been released. React when you feel calm again –  and are, in any case, more level-headed!


Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are perfectly normal and often just trivialities. When accepting this, it's easier for you to see if and how you can make up for a mistake and learn from it. Besides, you'll be able to forgive your fellow human beings' mistakes and can concentrate on the positive things. 


With regular exercise, preferably in an endurance sport, and distraction by things you enjoy, you not only effectively reduce stress, but also stop your brain from once again tirelessly circling problems or upsetting situations. At least once a week, you should create a balance for yourself. 

Change of perspective

Change your perception and try to see things in a positive light and also think positively. Look for the bright side of life instead of always assuming the worst. Expose your negative beliefs and consistently turn them into positive ones so that the infamous self-fulfilling prophecy doesn't gain momentum. This can be a lengthy process, in which you must continuously remind yourself of the benefits of a moment. 


Accept the things you cannot change, adapt to the situation, and continue on your path under the given circumstances. In retrospect, you may find that the course of events was just right and, in the end, the best thing that could have happened. 

Serenity with quantum energy

Various studies and experiences of users have shown that quantum energy can reduce the feeling of stress and tension. This is due to the positive influence of energy on consciousness and perception. Carry the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE with you. It helps you to achieve the above-mentioned goals and supports you on your way to a more serene life.